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Honey soy sauce chicken drumsticks


Getting a cold in July is the pits! It’s sunny & warm, and all you want to do is go play outside, but you’re stuck on the couch with a box of tissues. That’s how I’ve spent the past four days. The weather was perfect for grilling this weekend, but even the thought of spending [continue reading...]

Lemon honey chamomile cookies


Happy Mother’s Day! For those of you who stop by here regularly, you’ve probably noticed that I’ve got the world’s most loving mom; no matter what she’s doing, my mom (Sheri) makes it a point to comment on nearly every recipe I post. And not just here, but on Facebook too; she’s my biggest fan [continue reading...]

Honey green tea sandwich cookies


Phew! I churned out a 22-page paper yesterday, and I’m celebrating this small success with cookies. Yes folks, that means there’s a draft of my third qualifying paper on the table! Major edits will be in the works over the next couple weeks, but for now, I’ve composed some semblance of a theory on how [continue reading...]

Arugula and shaved fennel salad with oranges and honey cider vinaigrette


Up until now, I’d only ever eaten raw fennel in salads out at restaurants. I loved it, but I’d just never prepared it myself. I rarely cook fennel either, for that matter. In fact, you might recall the eggplant & fennel gratin I set out to bake a couple of weeks back; I accidentally used a leek [continue reading...]

Matcha green tea cupcakes with buttery honey buttercream


I baked these green cupcakes with St. Patrick’s Day in mind, but then immediately headed for the mountains to enjoy clouds of fresh powder on the slopes. Tahoe has finally gotten some much overdue snow cover, and I’ve consequently been MIA from chronicling my cooking while I hole up in a wintry cabin with good [continue reading...]

Spiced orange buttermilk biscuits with “Playhouse” honey


I have a vendetta against breakfast pastries. They are merely pretending to be dessert, but not going all the way. With a breakfast pastry, you get all the calories and fat of a truly scrumptious sweet, but not the flavor, texture, and sugar of a decadent dessert cake. I know many of you will argue [continue reading...]