Blackberry Hibiscus Spritzer with Tarragon


These blackberry hibiscus spritzers with tarragon are a vibrant refreshing summer mocktail for special occasions, casual backyard gatherings, or just cooling off! It’s tart and sweet with a little fizz and herbal aromatics. 

Blackberry Hibiscus Spritzer with Tarragon #mocktail #recipe #hibiscus

We’re celebrating Lucas’s birthday today. It’s not a huge milestone birthday, but between juggling a toddler, being 34 weeks pregnant, getting our house ready to accommodate another human, and 6 months of work packed into the next 3 to 6 weeks, it feels like a milestone that the day didn’t pass by without one or both of us forgetting. I started early this year by concocting the perfect drink in Lucas’s honor in partnership with OXO using my favorite beverage tools. It’s a twofer or maybe even a threefer with his birthday, Father’s Day, and our 5 year wedding anniversary all in the next 2.5 weeks.

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Loaded Smoked Gouda Garlic Bread


Loaded smoked gouda garlic bread topped with artichoke hearts, kalamata olives, and sopressata salami makes a quick and easy appetizer for summer entertaining. Imagine buttery garlic bread with smokey cheese and meat layered on top – the only way to make garlic bread even more addicting!

Loaded Smoked Gouda Garlic Bread #garlicbread #fathersday #recipe

With Father’s Day on the horizon, I’ve been thinking up the perfect menu for Lucas. The quickest way to my husband’s heart is through food…namely, cheese. Which is fortunate for me because I’ve partnered with Roth Cheese to create a cheesy recipe for Father’s Day and/or summer entertaining. This loaded smoked gouda garlic bread is on call for both!

It definitely fits the bill as far as Lucas’s top food likes go. He’ll make garlic bread as a midnight snack sometimes, so I’ve loaded it up to make it even more addicting. Is there cheese? Check. Smoky notes? Check. Cured meat? Check. Artichokes? Check. I may have embellished with the arugula for some extra festivity. Though you know what? He does love salad greens without dressing (this is totally his thing), so maybe it’s part of the checklist after all.

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Corn Flour Waffles with Sumac Veggies & Basil Yogurt Sauce {Gluten-Free}


These soft gluten-free corn flour waffles are made with toasty ghee and topped with an abundance of sumac & ghee summer veggies and a basil yogurt sauce! Perfect for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, these waffles are made in collaboration with Alanna of The Bojon Gourmet and Organic Valley, using their organic ghee and grassfed dairy.

Ghee Corn Flour Waffles with Sumac Veggies & Basil Yogurt Sauce

My ideal Sunday brunch menu is quite possibly entirely made up of waffles. I’m certain I could never tire of those crispy brown exteriors with soft fluffy centers topped with various sauces and flavors. There’s certainly no shortage of waffles here on Snixy Kitchen: these or these or these or these or these.  These soft and fluffy ghee corn flour waffles with sumac veggies and basil yogurt sauce are no exception. I’d like a buffet of all of the waffles just once in my life.

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Double Kale Salad with Creamy Pistachio Dressing


An addicting double kale salad to rule all kale salads: tender curly kale leaves massaged with creamy pistachio dressing topped with crispy roasted kale chips. Roasted salted notes and a slightly sweet creamy dressing, this salad is anything but standard.

Double Kale Salad with Creamy Pistachio Dressing

The world needs another recipe for kale salad right now like it needs another recipe for avocado toast, but when the kale salad is this satisfying, you make exceptions. It’s got double the kale. I know what you’re thinking – what does that even mean, Sarah?? We all know what double chocolate cookies are – they’ve got chocolate cookie base with chocolate chips – but double kale salad? Basically the same thing – we’ve got a basic kale salad base with crispy KALE CHIPS on top.

This double kale salad is my take on a kale salad that stole my heart at Alden & Harlow on our trip to Boston last month. The kale chips weren’t listed on the menu description for their ubiquitous kale salad and the ambience was so dark that it wasn’t until a couple bites in that we all realized what was happening on top of the pile of curly greens. Kale chips make this kale salad anything but ubiquitous.

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Gluten-Free Vanilla Raspberry Cake


Easy gluten-free vanilla raspberry cake with raspberry cream cheese frosting and raspberry dust on top. Made in a 9×13 baking pan, this sheet cake is the perfect dessert to serve a crowd this summer!

Gluten-Free Vanilla Raspberry Cake

This crowd-pleasing gluten-free vanilla raspberry cake will be joining all my summer potlucks, gatherings, and cake-eating occasions. Relatedly: Is “Friday” a cake-eating occasion? Do my husband and I binge-eating cake in front of the TV with our cats count as a crowd? I think yes and yes.

I’ve swirled raspberry frosting over this vanilla raspberry sheet cake for my second recipe in a three-part series to show off how I use OXO’s kitchen tools all the time. Last month, we had gluten-free strawberry balsamic & thyme galettes and now we’re diving (literally) right into raspberry season and this gluten-free vanilla raspberry cake with raspberry frosting.

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Hash Brown Breakfast Pizza with Asparagus


I bring you hash brown breakfast pizza – melty cheese between layers of crispy hash browns topped with more cheese, shaved asparagus, basil, and the perfect runny egg. Reward yourself with the most delicious breakfast or brunch to share with someone you love or eat entirely by yourself!

Hash Brown Breakfast Pizza with Asparagus

We keep a relatively healthy pantry and fridge – mostly produce, grains, a little organic meat/fish, and lots of cheese (like I’m talking an entire crisper worth of cheese…and then some more in the garage fridge). When we buy processed foods like crackers or chips, they’re primarily made from ingredients we can pronounce and trust. And because we trust what we buy, I also believe in eating what my body craves without feeling an ounce of guilt. Homemade dessert? Check. Cheese? Check. Cheesy hash brown breakfast pizza covered in more cheese? Check. (Full disclosure: This is just my personal approach to food – I am no dietician).

For Mother’s Day, I’m partnering with Roth Cheese to appreciate the ways I reward myself for the everyday simple things that feel like great accomplishments. Today that looks like this cheesy hash brown breakfast pizza with shaved asparagus, basil, and a runny egg.

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Buckwheat Crepes with Roasted Cherries & Chocolate


Toasty and nutty buckwheat crepes topped with roasted cherries, whipped cream, and bittersweet chocolate. A naturally gluten-free decadent dessert that makes the perfect sweet for Mother’s Day brunch! 

Buckwheat Crepes with Roasted Cherries, Whipped Cream, and Chocolate

Whether you’re serving your mom breakfast in bed, hosting a brunch for the family and friends, or treating yourself to a quiet morning with coffee, these buckwheat crepes with roasted cherries, whipped cream, and chocolate deserve a spot on the menu. This recipe for buckwheat crepes is the third in my year-long partnership with Bob’s Red Mill. First we ate chamomile oat waffles, then matcha macarons with mango buttercream, and now we’re having buckwheat crepes just in time for Mother’s Day and all your late spring/early summer brunch spreads!

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Wine Braised Artichokes with Cashew Mandarin Tarragon Aioli


White Wine Braised Artichokes with Cashew Mandarin Tarragon Aioli

If I had to eat one vegetable for the rest of my life, it would be artichokes. No hesitation. Over the next year, I’m partnering with Safeway for a Farm to Fork blogger tour to learn about their specialty Northern California based vendors, and when they told me our first stop was an artichoke farm, I may have squealed.

There are few things that evoke such a reaction. If you’re not new here, you may already know how much I love artichokes – so much so that we named our cats Artichoke & Aioli (which has proven to be mildly confusing for our 2 year old now that artichoke season is in full swing). We’ve eaten these white wine braised artichokes dipped in cashew mandarin tarragon aioli for the past three nights and no one is sick of them.

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Gluten-Free Strawberry Balsamic & Thyme Galettes


Sweet strawberry balsamic and thyme galettes wrapped up in a flakey buttery gluten-free crust. Spring’s juiciest fruit gets a tangy bump from a toss of balsamic paired with a herbal notes from fresh thyme. Best served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream for a spring dessert. 

Gluten-Free Strawberry Thyme Balsamic Galettes

Seeing spring’s first ripe red strawberries at the market puts me in a dramatically happy mood. I’m currently racking my brain to think of a dessert strawberries don’t belong in – can you? I can’t think of a single dessert where strawberries wouldn’t be welcome to the party (maybe something coffee flavored? But that’s a questionable dessert, in my opinion).

For me, “put strawberries in it” is my dessert equivalent to “put a bird on it” – spruce it up, make it delicious! First up for strawberry season, I’ve made these mini strawberry balsamic and thyme galettes in partnership with OXO.  These galettes are the first in a three-part series that will show off how I use OXO’s kitchen tools every. single. day. in my baking and cooking. I’ll also show off a few extra special new-to-me tools that will soon join the ranks of go-to favorites, such as the silicone dough rolling bag used to make perfect 6-inch pie rounds.

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