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Salted caramel pudding


When Lucas got his wisdom teeth extracted a few weeks ago, I knew I’d spend the weekend nursing him back to health – making sure he was comfortable, stopping residual bleeding, keeping him medicated, capturing video of the funny things he said, and bringing him soft foods. I used it an excuse to turn my kitchen [continue reading...]

Spiced Crock-pot pearsauce


With the husband asleep on the couch all weekend after getting his wisdom teeth yanked out, I spent two full days in the kitchen last weekend. It felt refreshing; usually this is the time of year when my friend Cas and I pull out the glitter and glue for a week-long craft-a-thon. Alas, Cas has [continue reading...]

Iced oatmeal pumpkin spiced cookies (gluten-free)


This week was a big first for me. My first time passing out candy to little people dressed in bizarre outfits. Earlier Halloween day, I was on the phone with my mom when my brother called her to ask how much candy he needed to buy – would he get trick or treaters? How many? [continue reading...]

Gluten-free triple chocolate brownies


How many potlucks with piles of freshly baked flour-filled goodies must a person like me endure? Pure torture for the gluten-free, I say. The host of the last one boasted a brownie taste-test among the spread of chocolate-y confections. So what does one who can’t eat them do? Force-feed all the homemade treats to your [continue reading...]

Candied ginger peach sherbet


Now that we’ve moved into our new digs, there are nights when we just have to drive 25 minutes and have to wait another 25 minutes in line @ our favorite ice cream joint just to get a scoop of whoknowswhat. The menu changes each time we go, but it always, ALWAYS hits the spot. One [continue reading...]

Sesame peach mochi cookies


On each plate at the reception, we had a “Letter to the Bride & Groom” Madlib to entertain guests while we rushed to take as many pictures as possible in our now 20 minute cocktail “hour” that got cut short because of the shuttle snafu. We grabbed them all at the end of the night [continue reading...]

Chocolate orange creamsicle cupcakes


Cupcakes are my kryptonite. So good, but so so bad. I swore off gluten entirely yesterday when I had a massive headache and horrible nausea for two days straight after eating only one (oh so yummy) chocolate orange creamsicle cupcake. Okay, two. I ate one on Friday when I served them because I had to [continue reading...]

Vanilla earl grey crème brûlée


Before I gush about this sweet creamy dessert, I’d like to update you on why I’ve been in hiding for the past few weeks. I’m debating how many pictures of wedding projects I want to share and how many I want to keep secret to surprise the guests. The suspense is killing me! Many people [continue reading...]