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Over easy avocado toasts [Gluten-Free]


When you’ve got chronic headaches, you’ll try just about anything to find a remedy. Over the past few years, I’ve exhausted nearly every possible option to get rid of them, short of adjusting what I eat. You see, when I tell myself “let’s just take a break from cheese to see if it’s a trigger,” [continue reading...]

Artichoke, arugula, and pine nut grilled cheese


Back in my college days, I cooked all my meat on a tiny George Foreman. Within seconds of being plugged in, it heats up and is ready to go; WAY easier than preheating the oven and pulling out pots and pans. My expectations for flavor and texture clearly weren’t super high. Oh and did I mention [continue reading...]

Warm white bean spread


While at my favorite restaurant in Philly (that shall remain nameless for this post), I schmoozed with the waitress in hopes of sweet-talking the warm Tuscan white bean spread recipe out of her. A couple of years ago, in a moment of desperation after leaving Philadelphia cuisine, I called up that same restaurant. With my [continue reading...]

Breaded pork cutlets stuffed with mushrooms and parmesan


I’m pretty sure I could eat mushrooms for every meal and life would be grand. There’s something about these little fungi that make a dish seem super savory and comforting. This feeling most likely stems from my nostalgia for my mom’s mushroom soup chicken, which I’m sure I’ll highlight here sometime in the near future. The [continue reading...]

Lasagna bolognese with béchamel


I love lasagna – layers upon layers of rich, decadent sauce, cheese, and pasta that offer up different flavors with each bite. What I don’t love about most lasagna is cooked ricotta cheese. It tastes like chalk when baked and is a colossal mistake when layered into one of the most savory comfort foods in [continue reading...]

Eggplant and leek gratin


After my calzone night cravings, I rebelled against Chuy’s anti-vegetable crusade and cooked  a dish made up entirely of veggies. Oh, and cheese too (obviously). I suggested this idea to Chuy when planning the menu for his visit, but he turned nose up at me and remarked in disgust, “not excited.” Actually, it was over [continue reading...]

Lemony kale, pear, and pepitas salad


At first glance, it appears that I cook with kale all the time. This assumption isn’t all that accurate since I’ve only cooked with it a total of three times – they just all happen to be within the past month. What is true is that I’ve been trying to become more aware of what’s in [continue reading...]

Baked broccoli mac and cheese


Remember how I wasn’t cooking this week? Well, I accidentally made two gigantic vats of mac and cheese last night. Okay, so it wasn’t really an accident – I intended to make mac and cheese for four people (plus some extra for our intended trip to Tahoe), but somehow I ended up pouring 1½ pounds [continue reading...]