30 Cheesy & Sweet Baby Shower Treats – A Virtual #CheeseBabyShower & Maternity Photos!


30 Cheesy & Sweet Baby Shower Treats

Photo by Alanna of The Bojon Gourmet

When you wake up at 4:45am to twitter notifications blowing up your phone to tell you that a bunch of fabulously talented food blog friends have conspired to whip up your favorite foods in your honor for a surprise virtual baby shower all over the internet (#cheesebabyshower), you instantly stop caring that you’ve got wicked acid reflux and a full bladder (for like the 100th time that night) (TMI?). I know because that’s how my morning started yesterday. And with one kitty spooning the back of my head and the other curled up on my 9.5 month pregnant belly, things got sappy as I read one gorgeous post after another.

I’m terrible (like horrible, awful, no good, very bad) at mornings, but the one thing that can flip that AM Sarah-‘tude 180° is starting my day by discovering that two of my very best pals Alanna and Todd have rounded up 30 amazing blog friends to make cheesy, sweet, and cheesy + sweet treats all in celebration of this lil’ human baking in my belly. Then following that up by spending the rest of the afternoon drooling over every dish and getting all the feels while reading the touching things folks wrote to/about me and our #cheesebabygirl-to-be.

Why a #cheesebabyshower full of cheese & sweets, you ask? Because this tiny babe has made it perfectly clear that she prefers cheese, milk, and sour patch kids. #Cheesebabygirl’s got her mama’s good taste.

To all of you who poured your talents into this insane collection of recipes and offered up sweet words: YOU GUYZZZZZZ! THANK YOU!! I can’t even express how special it is to be part of such a generous and inspiring community. You made my heart swell with love (which feels infinitely better than my swollen ankles). And an extra big group hug to Alanna and Todd for making it all happen.

#Cheesebabygirl’s estimated time left in the oven is just under 2.5 weeks. (Oh $#!t!) Here are a few shots of that #cheesebaby everyone’s talkin’ about (captured by yet another sweet & talented friend Carla of CharlieSue Photography and Alyssa & Carla).

Maternity Photos

Maternity Photos

Maternity Photos

Maternity Photos

And now for the real cheese! Get ready to drool.


30 Cheesy & Sweet Baby Shower Treats

Cheesy Things ——–

30 Cheesy & Sweet Baby Shower Treats

Photo by Renée of Will Frolic for Food

30 Cheesy & Sweet Baby Shower Treats

Photo by Lisa of Healthy Nibbles & Bits

30 Cheesy & Sweet Baby Shower Treats

Photo by Alana of Fix Feast Flair

Sweet Things ——–

30 Cheesy & Sweet Baby Shower Treats

Photo by Maryanne of The Little Epicurean

30 Cheesy & Sweet Baby Shower Treats

Photo by Kayley of The Kitchen McCabe

Cheesy & Sweet Things ——–

30 Cheesy & Sweet Baby Shower Treats

Photo by Amanda of Heartbeet Kitchen

30 Cheesy & Sweet Baby Shower Treats

Photo by Lisa of Good on Paper Design

30 Cheesy & Sweet Baby Shower Treats

Photo by Todd of HonestlyYUM

30 Cheesy & Sweet Baby Shower Treats

Photo by Betty of le jus d’orange blog

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  1. Love the collection Sarah and you make such a beautiful pregnant lady! Love those pictures. <3

  2. Your maternity photos are gorgeous! So glad we could surprise you with all your favorite things! XOXO!

  3. Blair says:

    Love your photos! You look incredible! And all of those recipes look pretty delicious, too. Congrats!! :)

  4. I love the maternity photos! Kudos to Carla for capturing these precious moments!! I am soo, soo happy to be a part of the shower and that we were able to surprise you with the treats! And holy cow, 2.5 weeks?? Where has the time gone?? Hugs to you and Lucas!

    • Right? Carla is all kinds of amazing. Now we’re down to 2 days!!! EEEEEE!! Time is disappearing. And we still need to perfect our macarons (though maybe we should wait until we’re certain the rain is not coming…)

  5. Sheri says:

    It was so fun reading all the blogs and recipes posted in honor of OUR #cheesebabygirl, ok, so technically she is my grand #cheesebabygirl! What a fun and talented group of people!

  6. I was SO thrilled to participate in this and celebrate your little cheesebaby! You guys are going to be amazing parents, and this little girl is going to be eating the most delicious food ever! I’m so excited for you guys. Being a parent is the best thing that’s every happened to me :)

    • Thank you so much Chris! Lucas was particularly excited that he got a shout out in your recipe:) It’s been so much fun watching all your parenting adventures on facebook – we’re excited to start ours!

  7. Nancy Stern says:

    What a gift to be surrounded by such amazing not only talent but love and respect. Thanks for sharing your blog and all of these wonderful friends/colleagues blogs. The photos are beautiful and such a wonderful way to document your journey.

    I am so grateful that you guys got the house and that we now have you as our treasured neighbors! Can’t wait to see #cheesebabygirl out and about in the hood!

  8. alyse says:


  9. Christine says:

    It was so much fun to participate in the shower and see all the love towards you, Lucas and little #cheesebabygirl! Your maternity photos are SO gorgeous, and you are stunning my friend! xo

  10. Oh Sarah… your maternity photos are just beautiful. Serene and angelic. I am honored to be a part of this and so happy for you my dear! Hugs to you both and to #cheesebabygirl. Thinking of the three of you during this exciting and life changing time! 2.5 weeks? OMGeeee!!

    • Thank you so much, Traci! Carla is so so talented! Thank you so much for making such a droolworthy grilled cheese in honor of this #cheesebaby! (Lucas stopped on your photo and gasped:). Can’t wait to share photos of her soon!! (But first, I guess she needs to make her debut out of my belly haha).

  11. You look so beautiful!! I read several #cheesebabyshower posts yesterday and was definitely drooling over them. I can’t believe only 2.5 weeks left. Feels like only yesterday we were meeting in Orlando!

  12. Veronica says:

    What a beautiful idea! You are an amazing community of artist! Yes artist, it takes vision, love and creativity to put together art that not only feeds the soul but the body! Our cheese baby girl has made me the luckiest Abuelita! So happy for Sarah and Lucas! They are blessed to have such wonderful friends!

  13. Sarah!! You are such a glowy mom-to-be! Just beautiful. I was so honored to be included in this bunch of fabulous food bloggers. I just wish you could have tasted all of it :) Just sent you an email to come over. :)

    • *Blush* – thank you so much Lisa! I’m so so so happy I got to taste your cake! I shared some with Alanna last night (she LOVED IT) and I ate the rest for lunch today hehe. It’s just so moist – I can’t stop thinking about it!

  14. Min says:

    Aww!!! Love love love thos photos!! Wish I could see your glowing face in person but this will do ;). I was so ecstatic when I received the email from Alanna to be one of the bloggers to eventually flip AM “Sarah-tude 180”! (so cute!) I seriously can’t wait to meet you and the precious lil’ one in October!!

  15. Hey girlie!! Congrats on your baby!! I came over here from Liz’s (Floating Kitchen) post and I’m so glad I found your blog– your photos are gorgeous! I’m 24 weeks with a baby girl of my own so I look forward to seeing all your adorable newborn pics. :) I had killer sour patch (and sour watermelon) cravings in my first trimester, too! Luckily it was around Halloween time so I could buy portion-controlled trick or treat sized packs. Good luck on your last couple weeks!

    • Aw – thank you so much Jess! I’m so glad you came over here too! Congrats on your little baby girl too! Our girls have good taste, it seems hehe. Hope the rest of your pregnancy is wonderful! <3

  16. Em says:

    Those photos — you make a fantastic looking pregnant woman! I love the one of the two of you (three of you?). And I loved being a part of your special celebration. I know firsthand what those 4am tweets and Instagram notifications are like, and it’s waaaaaaaay better than heartburn, or peeing, or in my case night sweats. (But OMG the post-partum night sweats? Soooooo much worse…now THAT’s prolly TMI.) Those 2.5 weeks are probably feeling like an eternity now, but pretty soon this whole pregnancy will be little more than a blur. Enjoy what’s left! And yay #cheesebabygirl! <3

    • Stawp – you’re making me blush! I’m so so so happy you helped with this cheesy surprise, Em! I hope I make as glowing as a mama as you are:) (But gee – not looking forward to those night sweats hahaha). Can’t wait to introduce our ladies over some legit froyo!!

  17. Happy happy baby shower! Everything looked amazing and your photos are stunning!! xo

  18. Yay yay yay! I wish we could have done it in person, but I guess you’ll just have to bring #cheesebabygirl up here to PDX and we can eat all the cheese TOGETHAA!

    Can’t wait to “meet” her in a few weeks! xoxo

  19. Alanna says:

    Aw, now I don’t feel so bad that you saw our surprise earlier than I expected, especially if you got to read them during cat cuddles. Thanks for giving us all an excuse to get our cheesiness on! Love you lady. <3

  20. Lisa Favre says:

    All of these cheese platters are making me drool… seriously. I need to try that spiced cheese goat ball!

    Also, I may be a little late on this one but congratulations!

    Lisa Favre

  21. Gena says:

    What a lovely outpouring, Sarah! Congrats on the baby and on upcoming motherhood :)

  22. Ugh, yayyyy!! You showed pictures of yourself for thrice and I love these! I can’t believe how glowy, ethereal, comfortable, and perfectly healthy you look. Although your swollen ankles tell otherwise… :/ It was our (and mine) honor to be part of the shindig. I certainly didn’t deserve it!

    • Aw thank you so much Ellie! You are way too sweet! Fortunately the swollen ankles only lasted a short time and soon I’ll be rewarded with the sweetest prize of all <3 Thank you so much for sharing in the shindig!

  23. Jasmin says:

    All the best Sarah, you look beautiful on those photos, and kudoz for all these wonderful ladies making wonderful #cheesebabyshower.Can’t go better than that, right? :)

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