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Recipe Rewind: Butternut squash soup with parmesan crisps


Recipe Rewind March 25, 2014: As my regular readers know, during the week I shop and plan meals as though the two of us were a family of four. With this strategy, we can have piping hot leftovers for lunch the next day without any extra cooking effort. This butternut squash soup seems to fit this [continue reading...]

White bean soup with rosemary oil


Even though my poor circulation is not a big fan of the cold, one of winter’s redeeming factors is soup. This cold winter slows me down and has me constantly wishing I was sitting in front of a warm fireplace with a cup of hot cocoa in my hand. Apparently our cats share this feeling [continue reading...]

Butternut squash noodles with brown butter and kale


I’m a girl who loves her kitchen tools. I’m crazy for my food processor, I smile every time I use my switchit spatula, and I’m totally into tiny bowls. Two weeks ago, I added a new kitchen tool to my collection that I’ve already developed strong feelings for. Who knew such an inexpensive gizmo in [continue reading...]

Creamy turmeric carrot soup


The good news? I’ve been writing up a storm. Even though the husband has been in China for the past week and I’ve had a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad time falling asleep (to the point of staring at the ceiling for 3 hours before finally passing out), I’ve been writing. I attribute most [continue reading...]

Almond crusted baked goat cheese medallions


My elementary school soul mate got married few weeks ago. The kind of soul mate that pretends to taste the broccoli you’re eating just by holding your hand. You know, the kind that will spend all recess walking in circles with you around the roots of the giant oak tree in the school yard secretly passing [continue reading...]

Cherry Garcia salad & a blogiversary GIVEAWAY! [Giveaway Closed]


One of the coolest people I know turned another year older last week. From the looks of it though, you’d never be able to tell my mama was aging. If we were sitting around a fire pit roasting marshmallows, all the smoke would go toward her since, as my family says, smoke follows beauty. Unless, [continue reading...]

Caprese salad quinoa stuffed portabellas


Happy 2013! This year’s gonna be a good one – filled with a wedding(!) and house hunting. That’s right, folks, we’ve set a June deadline for moving into a place with a larger kitchen. Don’t worry, with the rental prices in Berkeley,  the kitchen will likely still be pint-sized, but the goal is that it’ll be [continue reading...]

Zucchini and chickpea baked falafels


I’m dreaming of a day without a MOUNTAIN of academic reading on my horizon. That day is November 30th. And until then, I’m having nightmares of being attacked by various researchers for misinterpreting their work (yes, totally rational fear – ha). To make it so that cooking dinner doesn’t also seem like a scary task [continue reading...]