Zucchini arepas: zucchini corn cakes with cheese, salsa, and guacamole


Zucchini Arepas with Salsa

When I first went off to college, I’d regularly call my mom from the grocery store to ask, “in what part of the store would I find _____ ?” Anything from salsa to olives to pizza sauce. For me, this was the adult manifestation of watching my parents drive from one place to the next without a map; how on earth did my mom have such an accurate road map of the grocery aisles on the top of her head?!

Compare this to the current me who maximizes my time by writing my shopping list in order of each item’s shelf location. Back then though, I could barely find everything on my shopping list. It was in my days of not knowing my way around a grocery store that I failed my mission to find what my friend’s mom told me was, “special corn flour for arepas.” I needed to satisfy a seriously wicked craving for Venezuelan arepas. Just imagine: if I had succeed in finding what I thought was the unicorn of flours, I may have come up with these crispy zucchini corn cakes much sooner in life.

Homemade Zucchini ArepasZucchini Arepas - zucchini corn cakes

Let me paint the picture – I was a hungry college kid in desperate need of corn flour for arepas – masarepa. Only at the time I didn’t know the word for it because apparently searching the web hadn’t occurred to me. I swore I looked everywhere, even popping into some of the Mexican markets down the street from USC, and came up empty-handed every single time. If you can’t find masarepa, an ingredient used extensively in Columbian and Venezuelan cooking, in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles, it either doesn’t exist or you’re a really terrible shopper.

Now, a well-seasoning shopper ten years later, I found the ingredient in about 2 minutes on my first hunt. (Note: I got it at the Mexican market here in Berkeley). This proves that a) I used to suck at grocery shopping and b) maybe there’s hope that in another ten years I’ll be able to grow a garden without killing all the green bean plants before they even get in the ground.

Zucchini Arepas Gif

I received a little jar of La Fundidora‘s Feugo salsa in my Hatchery Box, and in her company profile, the salsa-maker recommended serving the salsa with something other than chips. With this challenge in mind, I wanted to create a dish that featured the salsa’s chile profile as a foundation for a hearty meal.

Zucchini Arepas with Guacamole

And with that, my craving for the Venezuelan arepas from my high school years came flooding back. Besides making them myself  twice now, I’ve only eaten arepas one other time. Sitting at the dining table while my friend Claudia’s mom pulled them from the oven and offered that I crack one open. While it’s a very common Venezuelan flatbread, it was unlike any flavor or texture I’d ever eaten and I wanted more. It wasn’t like she served this to me often and I have fond childhood memories of eating them – I ate them once and now, 12 years later, I am still thinking about them. Her mom made them with white corn flour, but when faced with the choice between white or yellow corn flour, I chose the yellow for no other reason than the vibrant color.

Zucchini Arepas with Salsa & GuacamoleGluten-free Zucchini Arepas

For this recipe, I mixed a bit of shredded zucchini up with the dough to add another layer of flavor. With melted cheese, salsa, and guacamole on top, you can’t resist going back for seconds. These little fritters are about the easiest thing you can make that tastes this homemade and fresh. They’ve got a crispy shelled exterior and a light and fluffy corn cake center. They make the perfect naturally gluten-free flatbread for soaking up the flavors of whatever you’re topping or filling them with – your favorite salsa, pulled pork, or whatever your heart desires. Hope your Cinco de Mayo tastes as good as mine!

Zucchini arepas: zucchini corn cakes with cheese, salsa, and guacamole
Yields: 18 small arepas
  • 1½ cups shredded zucchini
  • 1-2/3 cups warm water
  • 1 teaspoon olive oil
  • ¾ teaspoon salt
  • 1½ cups yellow or white masarepa, pre-cooked ground corn flour (I used Goya's yellow masarepa, which you can find at Latin grocery stores or online).
  • 1 tablespoon of butter, for frying
  • For serving: salsa, guacamole, monterey jack cheese, and/or sour cream
  1. Preheat the oven to 350ºF.
  2. In a large bowl, pour the warm water over the shredded zucchini. Add the olive oil and the salt and gently mix.
  3. Add the masarepa. Mix well and roll the dough into a ball and let rest for 5 minutes.
  4. Shape the dough into small disks, about 2-3 inches wide.
  5. Heat a small dab of the butter in a large cast-iron skillet over medium-high heat. Working in batches, cook the arepas for 3-4 minutes per side, until crispy and golden brown, adding more butter to the pan after each batch. Transfer to a cookie sheet while you cook all the arepas.
  6. Bake for 10 minutes to finish cooking.
  7. Top immediately with shredded monterey jack cheese and serve with salsa, guacamole, and/or sour cream (or whatever other toppings you prefer!)

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  1. Baby June says:

    Awesome gif! And those cakes look soooo good, I’d love those with a hearty helping of hot sauce on the side. :) Maybe I’ll have to hunt around the grocery store for that flour too.

    • SnixyKitchen says:

      Glad you like the gif! If you have trouble finding the corn flour, you can also grab it online at amazon (although it’ll be cheaper at a local Latin market).

  2. Veronica says:

    Be still my beating heart. They look so good and they remind of my mother’s chalupa’s very similar except for the zucchini. A chalupa is the word for canoe in spanish so they were shaped like a little cup, I believe my Mom made up her own dough, so they never looked like the restaurant type of chalupa! I love your recipe!

  3. Omg. These look bloomin incredible! Literally all my favourite ingredients in one little cake. Definitely trying these!

  4. Oh my goodness you have NO idea how much I’ve been wanting to try arepas lately! There is a place in NYC called Caracas Arepas that I’ve been wanting to try for like, ever. Now I’m wanting to just skip the restaurant and make your version at home. They are stunning!

    And I totally feel ya with the whole grocery shopping thing. I always try to make my lists the same way… and then get all confuzzled and frustrated when I end up going to a different store other than my usual one because it’s configured all different!

    • SnixyKitchen says:

      Thank you! They’re so so easy and definitely worth making. I’m going to have to search out an arepas cafe in SF to try out.

      We have 3 different Safeways that we go to depending on what part of town we’re in, and each time I have to reorient myself. One of them is so big that you don’t want to have to shop without ordered lists or it’ll take you 10 minutes to go back to aisle 1 if you missed something!

  5. Kelly says:

    Haha, only you would be in college and looking desperately for corn flour! xo

  6. Pia says:

    I had arepas for the first time a few years ago in New York, and loved then enough to haunt the little eatery for the rest of our long stay.
    Yours looks wonderful – so many good things on one plate. I must try it.

  7. Laure says:

    First try tonight and it was sooo yummy!

  8. Linda says:

    Was wondering if I could make the batter ahead, put it in the fridge and cook later in the day?

    • I’ve never tried, but I don’t see why not. Just make sure you cover them well so they don’t dry out in the fridge. If you do try it, please let me know how it works out!

  9. marnely says:

    OMG arepas are some of my favorite foods in the world!

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