Ginger peach mojito mocktail


Ginger Peach Mojito Mocktail

Do you have a friend who just won’t shut up about how great life is and how everything’s so perfect – blahblahblah- and you just want to punch her in the face every time she opens her mouth? You do now. As soon as July hits and the Monterey Market’s bins fill up with summer produce, I’ve got a running list of 101 reasons why I love California ready to spew at you at any moment. #1 on the list: stone fruit! #2: this ginger peach mojito mocktail.

Peach Mojito Mocktail Drink

As a California country girl born and bred, I’m pretty sure peaches make up about 90% of what’s running through my veins. This summer I’m working on a well-balanced diet – equally splitting my time between apricots, nectarines, and peaches for every meal.

And every drink.

Starring this sophisticated candied ginger and mint muddled sparkling peach mocktail. I threw in a few pieces of candied ginger to give it that extra oomph. It’s fruity, tart, bubbly, fresh, with a bit of a spicy ginger kick on the back-end. Alternative title for this drink: “Reasons Why I love California.”

I’m drinking over at Just Putzing Around the Kitchen today, where you can find the recipe for this ginger peach mojito mocktail along with my autobiography entitled “Sarah loves peaches.”

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  1. Veronica says:

    When I come to visit will you make me one! This looks so refreshing I have had your “Because She said Yes” mocktail and that was so goood!!

  2. Sheri says:

    This is perfect for these hot summer days!!

  3. This drink is stunning Sarah! Like, seriously stunning! That ginger peach flavor combo has me super intrigued and I want to try it immediately! Pinned!

  4. Love this twist on my favorite drink!

  5. this looks like the most perfect summer drink.. i love a good mojito + this one is a great flavour combination! i definitely will be making this – but probably will be adding in some alcohol!

  6. Lila Smyth says:

    This looks amazing. It would be great on a party menu! It was so fun meeting you, let’s definitely collaborate on something together!

    • Thanks Lila! The next few weeks are super busy, but I’m thinking maybe you should get in on my appetizers-only dinner party idea. So far, it’s just that – an idea. From a girl who loves finger food. Let’s chat:)

  7. I love me a good mojito on a hot summer night and this is such an awesome twist to it. That’s really super innovative Sarah, I’m impressed!

  8. I LOVE ginger. Beautiful photos! I love the use of backlight :)

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