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Mushroom and leek pappardelle topped with crispy pancetta


Remember my mushroom craving last week? Well, I finally got my mushroom fix. Thursday night was an exploration in hen of the woods and black trumpet mushrooms; I discovered that both types are rich and flavorful, and their aroma is rather pleasant and innocuous. Beyond the basic fungi (cremini, portabella, shiitake, enoki), I don’t really know all [continue reading...]

Trio of non-traditional bruschetta


My absolute favorite restaurant in Philly that has a frequent diner’s card – for every $500 spend, you receive a $50 gift card. Whenever I eat there with friends, the entire bill gets tallied on my card, and let’s just say, I’ve earned multiple $50 gift cards. My Philadelphia friends don’t need me to introduce [continue reading...]

Gourmet BLT: Pancetta, sun-dried tomatoes, arugula, artichoke hearts, and fresh mozzarella


I’m not much of a sandwich person, but when you go skiing, that’s the most portable lunch. At the last minute, we wound up not going skiing this weekend, but I had already bought a loaf of fresh sour batard for our sandwiches. To use up this bread, I made one of our favorites, the [continue reading...]

Fresh pasta with brussels sprouts and pancetta


I’ve been craving fresh pasta for the past few days, but also wanted to make a new dish beyond my current repertoire, which requires some amount of forethought. Lucas and I spent a majority of this past weekend working on designing the (yet to be shared) blog layout, and as a result, I didn’t do my [continue reading...]