Roasted beet and citrus salad with mustard vinaigrette



Oh hi there. Long time no see. I’ve been spending my days and nights wedding planning (and bridal showering and bacheloretting – yup, it’s a verb now). Not gonna lie, I’ve probably had time to pop in and say hi, but I’ve just been too exhausted to think about what’d I say. How I’d explain my disappearance. So here you go – create your own excuse. I’ve just been very _____, spending way too much time ______, and way too _______ to blog. I hope whatever you’ve filled in those blanks with doesn’t hurt your feelings too much.

On a less somber note, it’s now less than three weeks until I marry my best friend! I’ve only got this last name for a short time now. Hope you had a productive and relaxing Memorial Day weekend like us. Wait, wasn’t that like weeks ago, you ask? Yes, but that doesn’t mean we can’t talk about it, ok?! What I love about three-day weekends is that you can spend one full day getting all kinds of work done, spend another day eating lots of food with long-lost friends, and still have one more day to catch up on sleep and recharge. The best.

My namesake Sarah and her daughter Sofia threw me a beautiful bridal luncheon on Memorial Day weekend, complete with a homemade menu of all my favorite foods (and a gluten-free dessert!), wedding-themed tissue pom decorations, and lots of girl chat with a group of wonderful women. Meanwhile, in preparation for my bachelorette party two weekends ago (more to come on that), Lucas began the whole-house cleaning that I joined in with after the luncheon. The second day of our 3-day weekend was packed with even more tasty food when we met our friends for brunch and had Mikey over for dinner; Mikey, who I hear is a fantastic cook, is one of Lucas’s college buddies who just moved from Hawaii to The Bay for a new job. The weekend before, Mikey and I had spent an entire day talking food, which mostly took the form of me preaching about California’s abundance of fresh produce – no more need for frozen veggies on the regular. I had a lot to prove with this meal – it had to be full of flavors and simultaneously persuade him to toss out the bag of frozen green beans.


We kicked off the meal with this super refreshing salad – roasted golden and red beets, blood orange and valencia oranges, ruby red grapefruit, shaved fennel, pistachio crumble, and a mustard vinaigrette all on top of loads of mixed greens. The perfect balance of savory and sweet – every bite more interesting than the next. There’s no way this super spring salad couldn’t woo Mikey into the land of farmer’s markets.

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  1. Sheri says:

    This looks fantastic! I want this next time I come visit! :)

  2. Veronica says:

    Ok! this is what I want for lunch! Yum!

  3. I’m so glad you’ve been planning, bridal-showering & bacheloretting! Enjoy every moment.

    This is very colourful and I love the crunchy pistachios on top.

  4. dena says:

    Pistachio nuts are the topper (no pun intended) for me. Now I absolutely have to make a batch of your vinaigrette for dinner!

  5. I have SEEN and EATEN lots of beet!! But this is one of the prettiest and tastiest! My, look at the colours…ain’t it just gorgeous?!

  6. Brittany says:

    Is there a way to make this recipe using less or no oil? thanks!

    • SnixyKitchen says:

      I actually don’t end up using all of the dressing on the salad because both my husband and I like less dressing than most people. I’d recommend making the dressing as it, but then only drizzling a tiny bit for flavor on top! You’ll have leftover dressing for another time.

  7. Ooh I just spotted this recipe on Finding Vegan – it sounds so freshy and yummy. Might be just the thing I’m looking for to brighten up a winter day! I’ve never seen golden beets before though… do they have a similar flavour or are they a little different? Very intruiged!

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