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Creamy scalloped potatoes


It’s been years since I’ve spent Easter with my family and I miss it. I miss the epic egg hunts in my parents’ backyard that always ended with a few unaccounted for hard-boiled eggs for the dog to discover later. I miss searching high and low for the basket of goodies the bunny hid somewhere [continue reading...]

Homemade naan bread (yeast-free)


Making homemade bread is on my bucket list. I’m not there yet, but I’ve been making fresh pasta and pizza crust for a while, and now I can add naan to bread-like things I’ve made on my own. By using a (simple) sourdough starter, this naan recipe brings me so much closer to my eventual [continue reading...]

Seared swiss chard and leeks topped with crispy bacon


This chard lasted less than an hour from being picked to being served in a deliciously fresh dish. On Sunday, Lucas and I visited my cousin Scott’s urban farm down in Hayward and came home with a bag bursting with freshly harvested citrus and greens. We first made a pit stop by his home garden [continue reading...]

Frost kissed artichoke


Once, while out at a nice restaurant, Lucas and I observed a patron at the table next to us using a fork and knife to cut and eat her artichoke; I imagine that after unsuccessfully chewing on the artichoke’s tough leaves she thought, “how disgusting.” Meanwhile, Lucas and I tried our darndest to keep a [continue reading...]

Recipe Rewind: Dad’s spicy green beans


Recipe Rewind February 4, 2014: We’re making our way through old recipes to revive their pictures and steps, starting with Dad’s spicy green beans. This is a super simple recipe using Lawry’s seasoned pepper, my dad’s spice mix of choice. With a spicy kick and a bit of a crunch, they’re anything but boring. These green beans taste [continue reading...]