Coconut Lemongrass Ginger Popsicles


Coconut Lemongrass Ginger Popsicles

Summer 2016 introduced itself like a warm hug from that one friend who holds on just a little too tight, too long. At first it feels awesome, but then you’re like “C’mon dude – too much!” And now I want to curl up and live inside my freezer with these coconut lemongrass ginger popsicles forever. Zoella and I legit escaped the heat by opening the freezer to look at them several times today. It’s our happy place.

We spend most of her awake time cycling between opening all the windows in the house, deciding it’s still too hot, and closing them again to go for a breezy stroll. Maybe this house-sized sauna is the real reason the cat keeps sneaking out.

Fresh Thai CoconutCoconut Lemongrass Ginger Popsicles

IT’S #POPSICLEWEEK!!! I love popsicles so much I dressed up as one for Halloween in high school. Screw slutty ___(fill in the blank)___, I went as Louie-Bloo Raspberry with a homemade blue velvet floor-length maxi skirt with tankini that read “Otter Pop” in glow-in-the-dark puffy paints across the chest. Okay, so it wasn’t exactly modest with its high slit and bare midriff, but really, melty popsicles don’t seem all that demure, amiright?

My high school Otter Pop obsession (the cooler cousin of Fla-Vor Ice for those of you on the East Coast) ran deep. I have it on good authority that if you write fan mail to the Otter Pop Band (yup), they’ll send you Otter Pop scented markers and stickers.

Okay, it was me. I did that.

I also didn’t get asked to prom. But…POPSICLE SCENTED MARKERS. So, we’re good.

Coconut Lemongrass Ginger PopsiclesCoconut Lemongrass Ginger Popsicles

I can unequivocally say that these coconut lemongrass ginger popsicles are infinitely better than my high school pop passion. They might even be – dare I say – my favorite popsicles I’ve made yet. And they taste like the sweet start of a Thai curry.

Lemongrass comes at you first, offering a fragrant herbal citrus subtlety that makes you go, “omg what is that?” Next comes the creamy coconut and now you wonder if you imagined the first flavor…except there it is again – what is that? Ginger rounds it all out with a light spice that accentuates that mystery note. And when you figure it out, you can’t not taste sweet vegetal lemongrass with every melty bite.

Coconut Lemongrass Ginger Popsicles

Wait: Do you lick or bite your popsicles? What about lollipops?

I bite them. I have no patience.

Coconut Lemongrass Ginger Popsicles

Now excuse me while I go snuggle up with these popsicles.

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Coconut Lemongrass Ginger Popsicles
Yields: 10 popsicles
  • 1 young Thai coconut
  • ⅓ cup sugar
  • 3 lemongrass stalks, outer skins peeled and discarded, bottom 5 inches sliced into thin rounds
  • ½ inch piece of ginger sliced into thin rounds
  • 1 can full-fat coconut milk
  • ¼ cup coconut cream
  1. Crack open the coconut using this guide from The First Mess. Scrape out the meat (you should have about ½ cup) and add it to a blender. Strain 1 cup of the fresh coconut water.
  2. Make the simple syrup. In a small saucepan, bring the 1 cup of coconut water, sugar, lemongrass, and ginger to simmer over medium-low heat, stirring until the sugar dissolves, about 1-2 minutes. Cover and reduce heat to low. Let steep for 10 minutes.
  3. Discard all but 4-6 slices of ginger from the syrup. Add the remaining simple syrup, ginger, and lemongrass to the blender along with the coconut milk and coconut cream and blend until completely smooth.
  4. Strain the mixture into a large measuring glass with a spout, pressing out as much of the liquid from the solids as possible. Divide the mixture among the 10 popsicle molds.
  5. Place the lid over the mold and insert your popsicle sticks as straight at possible.
  6. Freeze for 4-6 hours, or until frozen solid. For best results, freeze over night.
  7. To help remove your popsicles from the mold, fill a large bowl with warm water and briefly dunk the bottom part of the mold in the bowl.

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  1. Matt says:

    Save some room in that freezer for me, these sound so good!

  2. Em says:

    Can I come over to your house and hang out in your freezer, too? I’ll bring Lana. Baby playdates in freezers are totally good parenting moves. See ya soon!

  3. This flavor combo sounds super delish and unique at the same time! I bet they’re super refreshing!

  4. These popsicles look amazing! I love the Thai flavors going on in here too :)

  5. tessa says:

    my cat ran outside for the first 4 or 5 months of my son’s life too! as soon as he would start to cry my cat was out the door faster than you’d think was possible!

  6. You had me at “they taste like the sweet start of a Thai curry”. In LOVE.

  7. Alana says:

    SO MUCH YES. It’s like you read my mind or I read yours?

  8. betty says:

    who needs prom?? but honestly these look amazing. coconut. lemongrass. These are popsicles AFTER MY HEART. Miss ya, and hopefully see you soon!

  9. Katrina says:

    I will hop into your freezer right along with you! Especially if these beauties are inside! I love the lemongrass!

  10. Bite. It’s all about the bite. OMGeee, lovin these flavors Sarah. No wonder you cuddled them in your house size sauna (LOL!!!). I planted lemongrass for the first time.. we’ll see how it goes. It would be fabulous in these pops! They just so pretty, too. Pure white with that gorgeous background make them pop! Delicious work, Sarah! :D

    • That’s what I’m talking about! Who has patience to LICK a popsicle? This might be how I go through them so quickly though…Ooo – I need to get a garden going next year so I can plan lemongrass! I’ll put it in all the things.

  11. todd wagner says:

    HAHAHAHA!! The fact that you know about Louie-Bloo Raspberry … you are my hero!! Remind me to tell you about the great Otter Pop fiasco of 2004. I bite.

  12. Nicole says:

    Dressing up like a popsicle is a pro-move for sure! These pops sound so delicious and refreshing. WANT.

  13. Sophie says:

    My mouth is watering just looking at these!

  14. I would totally be sticking my head in the freezer multiple times of a day to sneak a peek and a bite of these :) They look SO good, Sarah! Love the coconut / lemongrass / ginger combo!!!

  15. Carla says:

    Um, pretty sure we need our own formal event. Greater than prom! With the magic of Otter Pops! The Otter Pop Formal. Dress as your favorite flavor, SARAH.

    You know you want to.

  16. cakespy says:

    YUMMMMMMMMMM. These look perfect. I’m intrigued by the lemongrass and coconut and ginger combo. I never would have thought to make that combo!

  17. The flavors sound ridiculously good!!!

  18. Marissa says:

    I know what you mean about the heat. I can’t wait for it to get here and then after a week or so of being hot all the time – enough already! :)

    Love the flavors in these – creamy and herbaceous perfection.

  19. Definitely a Popsicle biter, ha ha! These look great- I love ginger!

  20. Ah! I’m intrigued by these! I normally don’t care for popsicles unless it’s the kind I loved as a kid–the kind that’s berry or orange flavored outside and filled with ice cream inside!!!! But lately pregnancy has me wanting those icy, refreshing tones of low calorie popsicles and these look to die for.

    • Ohh – those cream filled pops are sooo good! I must say I’m totally into homemade popsicles these days though – they’re much less cloyingly sweet! I think popsicles make the perfect pregnancy treat!

  21. These sound heavenly! I buy lemongrass a lot because my produce store keeps selling it and I have no self control. Usually I just use it for water, or infusing my rice, but I clearly need to put into coconut ginger popsicles. And you know what? popsicles > prom all day, er’ryday.

  22. NICOLE says:

    OMG these look amazing. I have got to try these soon.Thank you.

  23. These are so perfect for summer. The humidity is killing me right now, I want frozen things all the time.

  24. Gorgeous colors and flavors here! I definitely like to lick my popsicles at first. Then I take bites once I get closer to the stick. Had a lot of practice recently during Popsicle Week!!

  25. Alanna says:

    Consider this an official request for our next work date to take place in sexy popsicle attire. Also, more of these popsicles! Remembering them is filling me with longing for all those creamy, floral flavors. Mmmmmm……

    • Oh um…It’s really not sexy anymore. Sadly it’s more like a melty popsicle costume;)

      But I’ve got some melty hibiscus lemonade pops I’ll share. And ice cream.

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