How to Make Vanilla Crème Brûlée: A video collaboration


Vanilla Creme Brulee

After the past couple of weeks, I’m surprised I’m still standing. Sitting actually, because it turns out carrying a growing human around in your belly 24/7 really does a number on your feet. Goodbye adorable flimsy ballet flats and hello fancy arch-support shoes! And while you’re at it give me a few extra servings of this vanilla crème brûlée because you know: eating for two.

Vanilla Creme Brulee

After returning home from 4 days of walking/eating around Austin late Tuesday night two weeks ago, I spent all of the following Thursday & Friday in photoshoots and both nights shoving our life into boxes. We woke up on Saturday morning with the house looking like we hadn’t even started packing, yet still miraculously managed to move a whole 3 bedroom 2 bathroom house full of stuff to our new home in one day. With only one broken bowl.

Disclaimer: I just packed boxes and supervised, while Lucas, my parents, and Todd did all the heavy lifting (Thanks guys! And a special shout out for the conveniently timed excuse, #cheesebabygirl!). All of our closets are still stuffed with boxes, but I made sure the kitchen was the first thing we unpacked. I still dont know where my non-travel deodorant is, but at least my baking supplies are in order. Home sweet home.

Vanilla Creme Brulee

Vanilla Creme Brulee

Alanna’s been racing the same deadline getting all the photos in for her cookbook baby this week! Did you know it takes longer to bake a cookbook baby than a human baby? True story. Alternative Baker is due out mid April, and I couldn’t be more antsy to see the whole thing put together in print! Having personally taste-tested about 75% of the recipes in the book, trust me when I say you should be just as eager to get your hands on it.

In the meantime, we’re excited to finally share another project we’ve been working on – our 4th video collaboration: How to Crème Brûlée.

(Check out our other recipe video collabs here!)

This time we teamed up with Rodelle to make a simple vanilla crème brûlée using their vanilla beans.

Rodelle Vanilla

Though simple, this foolproof recipe will leave you wishing you also had a convenient #cheesebabygirl excuse to eat two servings. Here’s behind-the-scenes video proof. There’s not much more satisfying than cracking the top of crème brûlée with a spoon and digging into the creamy custard hiding beneath.

Vanilla Creme Brulee

Read Alanna’s account of the video over at The Bojon Gourmet. To get the recipe, head over to Rodelle’s recipe index!

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  1. I hear a magnesium foot soak does wonders for tired feet. After all that moving, recipe testing and collaborating… when do you rest? My goodness this is just a gorgeous post, Sarah! From the video to styling, it’s so inspiring. Creme brulee is one of my favorite classic desserts, especially when packed with vanilla bean as you and Alanna have done here. I can’t wait to get my hands on Alternative Baker; I know it’s going to be perfect! Congratulations on your move and new home! Exciting things happening!

  2. tieghan says:

    Love, love love!! The video, the recipe and the vanilla beans!! So much goodness! Plus, it is so fun when you and Alanna team up! :)

  3. I can’t handle these videos guys!! Ya’ll are so talented. It’s gorgeous, x100. My mother in law gave me a torch last christmas but I have yet to buy any butane for it because I’m LAME!! It needs to happen soon!!

  4. Alana says:

    Yup, this is perfection. Total and utter perfection!

  5. Veronica says:

    Wow! Such a beautiful video! Kudos!

  6. Sheri says:

    I love little individual desserts and these are beautiful! Another great video you and Alanna have created!

  7. todd wagner says:

    Your desserts ALWAYS hit the spot! I forgot how simple creme brulee is to make (+ fun). Thanks for the inspiration!! Now I just have to grab some Rodelle.

    p.s. stunning video as always :)

  8. In love with this video the two of you made! And in love with that creme brûlée.

  9. You two make the most beautiful and delicious food ever.

  10. i made this on a tv show, it was Hawaiian Crème Brûlée, it was my original idea

  11. ellie says:

    I can’t imagine moving and stuffing and packing things while pregnant. Pregnancy by itself is more work than one should be able to handle, ahah! Right?? And that array of extracts and beans is glorious! Oh, to have that many in my kitchen…. ^_~ Hope you have a great week, Sarah!

  12. Gosh, we are moving house this weekend and I just can’t imagine doing it with one in the oven as well! Meanwhile I am swooning over these gorgeous creme brulees. They are perfection!

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