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Hands up if you pigged out on sugar and sweets over the holidays! I know I did. That’s what the holidays are for – complete gluttony…a free pass to disregard your pre-wedding diet and dig into a plate of cookies, cupcakes, or mom’s almond toffee. And down it with a glass of eggnog. As a kid without concern for calorie intake, eggnog was my Christmas crack. I’d drink a whole carton by myself. Nowadays, I can handle only a few sips of the rich creamy drink at a time. So instead I threw it into a fluffy cupcake, added brandy for an adult flare, and enjoyed every bite.


Last Christmas, I baked about a billion mini pumpkin cupcakes with my brother’s girlfriend. No, that is not an exaggeration, I counted. You calling me a liar? When you accidentally double the amount of milk, you have no choice but to pull out the flour and make it work. A few hours of frosting later, tiny cupcakes covered every kitchen surface. There are worse mistakes you can make while baking. No one complains about too many cupcakes. Too many incredibly moist and delicious cupcakes. I recall my cousin Alex shoving about 15 in his mouth before dinnertime. Notice that I’m pointing the attention toward Alex so no one notices the couple dozen I snuck.

I now had a baking tradition to keep up this Christmas. People wanted their cupcakes. Okay, so it was really just me – I wanted cupcakes…but who doesn’t love a good cupcake – amiright? This year’s holiday cupcakes are a throwback to a nostalgic wintertime beverage – the same one I saw my Uncle Jeff spike with rum every Christmas Eve. The brandy addition adds only a spicy sweetness to the light fluffy cake. Did I mention that these cupcakes are fluffy yet? They’re seriously the most fluffy and moist cupcakes I’ve ever made. The kind of cupcake worth opening a bakery for. High-five worthy.


I hope you all had a very happy holidays! Lucas and I (and the kitties) spent a much too short 5 days at my parents’ house – it was so relaxing to cozy up next to the warm fireplace playing cards and building puzzles with the whole family. The baby kitties loved having free reign over a space probably ten times bigger than our pint-sized apartment…until my brother brought over his 10-month old golden retriever who hasn’t yet figured out that cats have no interest in being his friend. And I’ve mentioned before the added bonus of baking in Mom’s kitchen when we go to visit – it’s amazing how yummy cupcakes turn out when you don’t have to open the door every 5 minutes to monitor the cooking temperature on your elderly over-enthusiastic oven. I brought these eggnog treats to Christmas Eve dinner with our close family friends. After multiple bowls of soup, Dad gobbled down one cupcake after another. The holidays aren’t over yet; it’s not too late to whip up a batch of these sugary treats for your NYE festivities!


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  1. Sarah, I hope you received my e-mail. Your eggnog cupcake was terrific. Must’ve been the brandy. ;-) Keep up the good work and enjoy what’s left of 2012!

  2. Sher says:

    I can honestly say these were some of the most delicious cupcakes I’ve ever eaten…and I’ve eaten a lot of cupcakes in my life! Using light egg nog did not seem to make any difference AND we shaved off a couple of calories! :)

  3. Beautiful, perfect and scrumptious looking! My family would go crazy over these!

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