Spinach artichoke lasagna cups


Bite-sized party food makes me giddy. Itty-bitty cute packages of flavor that cause you to say “awww…adorbs” before digging in. The best part of fork-free party bites is that you can sample a bunch of different items from the spread without committing to giant portions…or …you can devour 20 of your favorite item without noticing just how much you’ve eaten. The latter was the fate of these lasagna bites. Even though I didn’t make them for a fancy soiree, a trip to China yesterday marked the first day of Lucas’s new job at Incase, which is definitely cause for celebration! And reason enough to scarf down a couple (dozen) of these addicting bite-sized spinach artichoke lasagna cups.

SO addicting that I actually had to make them twice in one week . We may have accidentally gobbled up the first batch of lasagna bites before I got a chance to photograph them. We couldn’t resist. Each bite wraps up so many of our favorite foods into one: lasagna, mushrooms, artichokesparmesan cheese. And now I’m hungry. They were so tasty that it would be wrong to keep them from you, so two days later I baked them again. I got smarter the second time though and doubled the recipe to guarantee leftovers. I brought a dozen of them to share with a classmate at our meeting the next day, and they disappeared so fast that I actually haven’t a clue if we split them or if I hogged them all.

What’s so special about these wonton-filled cups? They taste like a crunchy tortilla chip dunked into warm spinach artichoke dip, but without the fattening cream cheese, sour cream, and mayonnaise. A guilt-free and, dare I say, healthy way to enjoy your favorite party appetizer for dinner. Each layer plays a pivotal role in the overall experience: crispy wonton skins, perfectly seasoned chicken, creamy nutmeg béchamel, garlicy spinach, artichoke, and mushroom medley, all topped with melted parmesan cheese. Want it vegetarian? Take out the chicken. Or, if spinach and artichokes aren’t your thing, fill the wonton cups with anything your heart desires – that’s the beauty of this recipe!

These mini lasagna bites will surely be a hit at my next party, but until then, I’m perfectly happy eating them for dinner any ol’ night of the week. Come to think of it, I’ve got a boatload of leftover baked chicken in my fridge that might just make its way into lasagna cups with in the next hour.

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  1. Colette says:

    Those are clever li’l cuties! Impressive as an appetizer.

  2. Sher says:

    Your food is so cute!

  3. Raegan says:

    Adding this to my To Do list. Looks tasty.

  4. Veronica says:

    Beautiful fusion dish! Very clever!

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