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I play with my food. One of my favorite things to do with food is make it look like something it’s not. For Halloween, I spent hours turning marinated mozzarella and olives into creepy eyeballs and meringue cookies into scary ghosts. Today, I present two takes on the classic chicken pot pie: a warm savory pie packed with comforting spices, and a chilled sweet pie filled with dried fruit and pudding. Looks can be deceiving – can you guess which one is which? Pick the wrong one and you’ll get a punch of sugar from your dinner entrée. April Fools’! Okay, I’m not really that mischievous, I fully disclosed the contents of each to Lucas before handing him his fork last night (dinner on the right above).


In preparation for this silly Sunday, I just had to buy new ramekins for the occasion. Expanding my kitchen collection always puts a smile on my face, and I’m grinning ear to ear about all of my new possibilities for dishes in individual-sized servings. You already know my affinity toward single-sized portions; I’ll likely serve all my future casseroles in these personalized pots just because I can.

As a kid, I gobbled down my fair share of Marie Calendar’s frozen chicken pot pies. Although you might not stand by the flavors as an adult, I’m sure many of you agree when I say those instant pies are the epitome of childhood comfort food. I tried my hand at the dish a couple of years ago, making Martha Stewart’s healthy version for a group of five boys. That was my first mistake. It was a flop; I’ve decided that chicken pot pie is not meant to be healthy. The butter-filled crust and creamy filling are both fundamental components for making a chicken pot pie so flavorful that you can’t put your fork down until it’s all gone.


Last night’s savory chicken pot pie had both of these elements and was off the charts. As it turns out, 5-inch ramekins hold a LOT of chicken pot pie, but the flavors were so addicting that both Lucas and I stuffed our faces until our dishes were clean and our bellies bloated. We…just…couldn’t…stop. Luckily I only baked two at a time or there wouldn’t be any leftovers and we’d definitely be in a food coma.


The sugary doppelgänger to the meal was tasty, but, unlike the savory one, it didn’t leave us powerless against its zest. We both learned that we’re not huge fans of dried fruit. If you are, then I’m sure you’d wind up with an expanding waistline. Future iterations will use cooked apples and apricots instead, and then, I’ll surely fall in love. In the meantime, I’ll have to justify my use of an entire (expensive) stick of butter with the uncanny resemblance I created between my dinner and dessert. Happy April Fools’ Day! And, since I love surprises and tricks so much, please tell me how you fooled or were fooled today!


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  1. chefconnie says:

    I was just thinking about pot pie last night. I think I need to make this recipe.

  2. Veronica says:

    I love stew’s in flaky pastry! Chicken pot pie is my favorite! Must make some soon, real soon. Thank you for the recipe! Oh yes you fooled me I could not tell which dish was which!

  3. And where was my invite for this treat?! Seriously, sounds mischievously delicious.

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