Crispy homemade pizza with mixed-herb pistachio pesto



I used to choose Trader Joe’s dough when making homemade pizza and was perfectly satisfied. That is, until I discovered how easy it is to whip up in the KitchenAid. I prefer my pizza with ultra thin crust – so thin that it crunches a bit with each bite, and this pizza dough recipe does just that. The first time I tried making my own crust, however, it ended much like the red velvet cake incident. I counted on my oven to monitor its own temperature and didn’t account for how excited it’d get when I put in the smooth doughy canvas; consequently, the center was blackened and I ended up with only a donut shaped edible portion – a new trend? Since then, I’ve improved my technique (and oven-sitting skills) and this dough is now foolproof.


I started making pesto when I got my first food processor. It was only 21 ounces, so pesto was about all you it could make (actually, I once tried puréeing soup in it and it took about eight batches). Homemade pesto somehow made me feel less guilty about the heaps of olive oil hiding in the store-bought kind. Once I began making my own pesto, life was all puppy dogs and rainbows until the price of pine nuts went through the roof. Costco even stopped carrying them in bulk because they’d have to charge a small fortune. As much as it pained me, pine nuts got cut from my shopping list, and I had to search for an alternative to the homemade pesto I once fancied. This new reliable homemade pesto (courtesy of Alton Brown), which tastes almost identical to the traditional recipe, uses pistachios instead of pine nuts, and, believe it or not, is completely void of basil. I still have a stockpile of pine nuts in the freezer for desperate times, but will use them sparingly until the crop improves and prices become more reasonable. Until then, I’m satisfied with mixed-herb pistachio pesto.


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    I think I’m going to make this over the weekend!

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