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Seared swiss chard and leeks topped with crispy bacon


This chard lasted less than an hour from being picked to being served in a deliciously fresh dish. On Sunday, Lucas and I visited my cousin Scott’s urban farm down in Hayward and came home with a bag bursting with freshly harvested citrus and greens. We first made a pit stop by his home garden [continue reading...]

Crispy smashed potatoes


When deciding on the sides for the Texas style beef brisket, I thought back to our BBQ experiences on our trip to Texas. Baked beans, mac and cheese, coleslaw, and potato salad. I couldn’t make baked beans or mac and cheese in such a short amount of prep time (I mean, I did have to [continue reading...]

Lemon and parmesan baked artichoke hearts


I’m sure it’s clear by now just how much I love artichokes (and I’m fortunate to live so close to where they’re farmed). Whenever I see them for less than a dollar, I can’t pass by without adding a couple to my cart – even if I already have all my meals planned for the [continue reading...]