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Caprese salad quinoa stuffed portabellas


Happy 2013! This year’s gonna┬ábe a good one – filled with a wedding(!) and house hunting. That’s right, folks, we’ve set a June deadline for moving into a place with a larger kitchen. Don’t worry, with the rental prices in Berkeley, ┬áthe kitchen will likely still be pint-sized, but the goal is that it’ll be [continue reading...]

Homemade spinach whole wheat pasta primavera


I have a secret to admit. I took a break from cooking for the past week. The cold that crept up on me in July kept me out of the kitchen. Now that I’m mostly recovered, I’m finding it very hard to get motivated to cook for one person with Lucas in China. The good [continue reading...]

Cheddar cornmeal waffle BLTAs


When a birthday rolls around, there’s an occasion to build a culinary creation that you’d never normally eat. One that’s unique enough to surprise the guest of honor, and one that’s just greasy enough to make you feel a little naughty when taking a bite. After all, what fun is it if you can’t indulge [continue reading...]

Healthy spring salad


My trek into the snow-capped mountains of Canada for a weekend of Skiing marks the beginning of a month of travel in which I’ll cover just over 14,000 miles in sum. That’s a lot of time in the air. Needless to say, expect my culinary exploits to become less frequent as I make these various [continue reading...]

Salami, eggplant, tomato, and goat cheese sandwich


While a third and final qualifying paper tops my to-do list, I spend my time drooling over pictures of food, whipping up dishes of my own, eating myself out of house and home, and writing about all of it. It’s not that I’m avoiding work, but every time I sit down to read or write [continue reading...]