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BBQ tofu bites


As a California native living in The Bay Area, I really should have been much more interested in the Superbowl than I was (or ever have been for that matter). While in Chico making wedding crafts for the past two weeks (Lucas in China, again), my dad turned on the 49ers v. Falcons game. For [continue reading...]

Crispy tofu and mushroom medley


To most people who know me, it’s no surprise that within a week of getting engaged, I had already planned out my entire wedding (read: planned, not executed). So what if I’d been secretly bookmarking dozens of dream wedding ideas for years?! At least I didn’t create a public Pinterest wedding board before getting engaged [continue reading...]

Sesame miso zucchini noodles and tofu


It takes every ounce of self-control to refrain from eating homemade fettuccine every day. Unfortunately, eating fresh pasta as often as I crave it is not consistent with my healthy eating goals and does not bode well for staying in shape. After pigging out on candied bacon a couple of weeks ago, our diet was [continue reading...]

Sweet and sour tofu


When Lucas gets the same leftovers in his lunch two days in a row, he’s usually not a happy camper. Don’t get me wrong, he’ll eat it, but he drags his feet in the process, begging, “Can I PLEEEEEEAASSEE go out to lunch today?” The worst is when I accidentally make a banquet-sized portion of [continue reading...]

Miso udon noodles with tofu


Even when life’s too hectic for meal-planning, I’m much too cheap to eat out, especially since we’re saving our pennies for the fancy schmancy camera of Lucas’s dreams. Plus, I always feel super guilty about splurging on food that’s likely terrible for us, even if we happen to select a healthy dish off the menu (which, let’s [continue reading...]

Soba noodles with crispy tofu


As I’m sure can already be deduced from my ravioli post, I love pasta. I have to consciously and creatively reduce it from our meal plans or we’d eat it seven nights a week. With about half the calories of regular egg noodles, soba noodles are a healthier alternative. This dish satisfies my pasta cravings without [continue reading...]