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Strawberry ginger lemonade


YAHOO!! I tied the knot this weekend! You’re lookin’ at the new Mrs. Menanix. Despite the hotel shuttle that picked up my guests with the phrase “Sarah’s wedding?” and took them to a different Sarah’s wedding instead of ours, and the 110º  sweltering heat that melted our plastic compostable cups into a sad pile on the [continue reading...]

Guilt-free strawberries and cream sandwiches


Some days you need dessert. What do you do when you’re having one of those days, but you’re trying to eat healthy to stay in shape for your wedding? Your desire for dessert is growing stronger and stronger until you risk eating an entire gallon of ice cream all by yourself. You’ve tied your hands [continue reading...]

Gingersnap strawberry cheesecake bites


I’ve been in a funk lately. With all this travel, life’s been piling up to-do tasks and I feel like I’ve got no time to do them. To make matters worse, when there are a billion important things to do (like telling you about these cheesecake bites), I have a terrible tendency of avoiding doing [continue reading...]

Gooey strawberry chocolate chip brownies


When Chuy read about the strawberry cupcakes I made a couple of weeks  back, he exclaimed in disbelief, “YOU NEVER MAKE INTERESTING CUPCAKES FOR ME!!!” Let me start by saying: this is just not true – he got to enjoy the green tea cupcakes from St. Patrick’s Day. Nonetheless, since he truly felt this way, I [continue reading...]

Kitty cat cakes with whipped cream and strawberries


I just really like saying “kitty cat cakes.” Try saying it out loud. Admit it, you like it too. For Valentine’s Day, Lucas brought home cat-shaped cookie cutters and a cat-shaped silicone mold from Taiwan. Sometime between last August when we adopted our kitties and now, I’ve become a cat lady. They’re just so darn [continue reading...]