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Spiced Crock-pot pearsauce


With the husband asleep on the couch all weekend after getting his wisdom teeth yanked out, I spent two full days in the kitchen last weekend. It felt refreshing; usually this is the time of year when my friend Cas and I pull out the glitter and glue for a week-long craft-a-thon. Alas, Cas has [continue reading...]

Cinnamon toast popcorn


TGIF! Not that it really makes a difference since my schedule post-exam is pretty much data collection and wedding planning, with the latter ramping up on weekends when Lucas has more spare time. It’s just the thought that “PHEW, I made it through another week!” Let’s curl up by the fire, pop in a good movie, and [continue reading...]

Pretzel bites with four distinct dipping sauces


Sometimes it’s nice to take a break from studying to spend an entire day in the kitchen. Well at least the second half of the day that you didn’t spend sleeping in. A group of Lucas’s college friends (and now my new friends!) threw a potluck on Sunday to toast our engagement, and I seized [continue reading...]

Baked creamy chicken taquitos


Sample sunday at Costco is one of my fondest childhood memories. When I make the trek out to Costco these days, most of the microwaved tastes are less appealing than they were to my teenage self. Back when my metabolism was in overdrive, I could (and would) eat anything at anytime without thinking twice. Costco [continue reading...]

Pepperoni pizza quesadillas


I’ve been holding out on you. While I have been able to squeeze in a bit of time in the kitchen, finding time to write about it is a totally different story. We got home from Whistler/Vancouver/Seattle Wednesday morning around 2:30am, only to wake up a few hours later to a jam-packed workday. The evening ended with a food-filled [continue reading...]