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Pan-fried sole & mixed wild rice with roasted grapes (gluten-free)


I’ve been in a rut with my dissertation lately. When you’re in a rut, you reflect. Reflect on what’s keeping you from making the progress that you need. Then maybe you can figure out how to get over that and just write your little heart out. And I think I’ve discovered a few things about myself that [continue reading...]

Sweet potato and eggs breakfast hash


I’ve missed you! You know that raw excitement a dog feels when its human friend returns after being away FOREVER…or, say, 15 minutes? That’s how I feel about seeing you again. Amidst all the chaos over the past couple of weeks, I’ve paused several times to think about how I haven’t been very fair to you. [continue reading...]

Korean BBQ beef quesadillas


Do you ever put leftovers in your freezer, but then forget they’re there or forget what they are? I should really be better about labeling things that go into my freezer. Especially since it’s packed full, but when I open it, I think, “We’ve got NOTHING to eat in here” and slam it shut again. Not [continue reading...]

Trio of non-traditional bruschetta


My absolute favorite restaurant in Philly that has a frequent diner’s card – for every $500 spend, you receive a $50 gift card. Whenever I eat there with friends, the entire bill gets tallied on my card, and let’s just say, I’ve earned multiple $50 gift cards. My Philadelphia friends don’t need me to introduce [continue reading...]

Whole wheat pizza with sweet potato sauce, kale, and shallots


Since I’ve tried my hand at a raw kale dish, tonight was part two in this experiment: cooked kale. Not only because I’ll never truly know how much I like kale until I try it with both preparation methods, but mostly because I had half a bunch of kale leftover that I wasn’t going to [continue reading...]

Seared scallops with blood orange gastrique and fried shallots


I declared this national citrus awareness day. Okay, so I don’t have that power, but when planning today’s meals, I couldn’t help but be drawn to the bins of citrus at the produce market: grapefruit, blood oranges, navel oranges, lemon, etc. Whatever I decided to cook, I would be incorporating these fruit. Whenever I think [continue reading...]