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Smoked sausage sweet potato skillet “pasta”


Up until now, there’s been exactly one way we’ve eaten sausage for dinner: on sandwich rolls with cooked peppers and onions. A little mayo, some mustard. This old link gets me thinking I really need to re-visit some of my early recipes – that picture makes the sausage look…well…unflattering, to say the least. The point [continue reading...]

Sausage & vegetable minestrone soup


The world didn’t end on Friday, but the wild storms in Northern California kept us on the edge of our seats. Artichoke came running into the bedroom meowing at the top of his lungs around 6am just to let us know about the howling wind and pouring rain. Side note: I think I’m going to [continue reading...]

Cheddar sausage buttermilk biscuits


When Dad tells you he wants Lucas to bring work clothes to replace the fence over the 4-day Thankgiving weekend, he’s not joking. No matter how much you laugh at him, he’s dead serious. Dad doesn’t believe in wasting a perfectly sunny consecutive three days (okay, fine, you can have Thursday off). Even when he’s [continue reading...]

Homemade sausage sandwiches and baked sweet potato “fries”


My KitchenAid mixer is one of the most used tools in my kitchen. We recently bought ourselves the food grinder and sausage stuffer attachments, and had been stewing over the different types of sausages we could make. The first time we attempted sausage with our KitchenAid, it was a bit of a flop. Our butcher [continue reading...]