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Creamy scalloped potatoes


It’s been years since I’ve spent Easter with my family and I miss it. I miss the epic egg hunts in my parents’ backyard that always ended with a few unaccounted for hard-boiled eggs for the dog to discover later. I miss searching high and low for the basket of goodies the bunny hid somewhere [continue reading...]

Traditional beef empanadas


It’s my spring break, folks, and I’m going to do nothing but relax in the sunshine and bake tasty treats for the entire week. YAH, RIGHT. Despite the fact that the sun has only made a few appearances in the Bay Area this week, spring break for grad students really just means more time to [continue reading...]

Crispy smashed potatoes


When deciding on the sides for the Texas style beef brisket, I thought back to our BBQ experiences on our trip to Texas. Baked beans, mac and cheese, coleslaw, and potato salad. I couldn’t make baked beans or mac and cheese in such a short amount of prep time (I mean, I did have to [continue reading...]