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Citrus tuna tartare with pear chips


While most people are prepping their finger foods for the Super Bowl, Lucas and I are celebrating our two year anniversary (with food) today. Last year, we mixed up the date of our anniversary and didn’t realize until we were done wining and dining, so this year, we’ve arbitrarily picked today since he leaves for [continue reading...]

Shabu Shabu (Japanese hot pot)


One of our choice date night meals is Shabu Shabu or, Japanese hot pot. Unfortunately, it also costs an arm and a leg (and you even cook your own food!). Shabu Shabu (named for the “swish swish” sound of the beef being stirred in the water) is a dining experience where you cook your own [continue reading...]

Ponzu skirt steak


Every time I move to a new city, there’s a restaurant I leave behind that I just can’t seem to replace. No future restaurant will ever compare. The one that got away when I migrated from LA to Philadelphia in 2007 served selections of meat, seafood, and vegetables with choice marinades to be seared on [continue reading...]