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Pepperoni pizza quesadillas


I’ve been holding out on you. While I have been able to squeeze in a bit of time in the kitchen, finding time to write about it is a totally different story. We got home from Whistler/Vancouver/Seattle Wednesday morning around 2:30am, only to wake up a few hours later to a jam-packed workday. The evening ended with a food-filled [continue reading...]

Calzones with hot Italian chicken sausage, asparagus, and spinach


Like I said, I make pizza often. Since a dessert pizza was already in the works, I decided to mix it up a bit for dinner and flip pizza over on itself to make calzones. Let’s be honest, calzone is just a fancy word for “hot pocket.” And since I filled it with spinach and [continue reading...]

Caramel apple pizza pie


Pizza is one of those foods that I have to actively try not to eat or I would shove my face with it three meals a day. I mean, what’s not to like? Cheese…bread…sauce. As you can probably tell, I make a lot of pizza. In my defense, I usually top it with loads of veggies [continue reading...]

Whole wheat pizza with sweet potato sauce, kale, and shallots


Since I’ve tried my hand at a raw kale dish, tonight was part two in this experiment: cooked kale. Not only because I’ll never truly know how much I like kale until I try it with both preparation methods, but mostly because I had half a bunch of kale leftover that I wasn’t going to [continue reading...]

Crispy homemade pizza with mixed-herb pistachio pesto


I used to choose Trader Joe’s dough when making homemade pizza and was perfectly satisfied. That is, until I discovered how easy it is to whip up in the KitchenAid. I prefer my pizza with ultra thin crust – so thin that it crunches a bit with each bite, and this pizza dough recipe does just [continue reading...]