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Spiced Crock-pot pearsauce


With the husband asleep on the couch all weekend after getting his wisdom teeth yanked out, I spent two full days in the kitchen last weekend. It felt refreshing; usually this is the time of year when my friend Cas and I pull out the glitter and glue for a week-long craft-a-thon. Alas, Cas has [continue reading...]

Personal pear galettes


I bribe my friends with baked goods. And fortunately for me, my friend Angi has a nagging sweet tooth she can’t ignore. Like me, she swoons over freshly baked desserts, but turns her nose up at chocolate. So when I needed someone with impeccable handwriting to help me address our Save-the-Date cards, I pulled out the [continue reading...]

Lemony kale, pear, and pepitas salad


At first glance, it appears that I cook with kale all the time. This assumption isn’t all that accurate since I’ve only cooked with it a total of three times – they just all happen to be within the past month. What is true is that I’ve been trying to become more aware of what’s in [continue reading...]

Playing with food: Beet orange salad


I went to Sur La Table to find a heart-shaped cookie cutter today and would you believe it – they’re sold out! They were even totally all out of the sets that included a heart cookie cutter. I figured that if I’m going to be making cutesy Valentine’s Day food, I should invest $1 in [continue reading...]

Roasted pears with cinnamon nutmeg whipped cream


If I didn’t have The Monterey Market to guide me, I don’t think I would ever have learned what fruits and vegetables are in season. If I went by Safeway’s produce section, it would seem everything’s in season all the time. Unlike Safeway, our little market down the street lets you know what’s in season [continue reading...]

Soba noodles with crispy tofu


As I’m sure can already be deduced from my ravioli post, I love pasta. I have to consciously and creatively reduce it from our meal plans or we’d eat it seven nights a week. With about half the calories of regular egg noodles, soba noodles are a healthier alternative. This dish satisfies my pasta cravings without [continue reading...]