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Personal pear galettes


I bribe my friends with baked goods. And fortunately for me, my friend Angi has a nagging sweet tooth she can’t ignore. Like me, she swoons over freshly baked desserts, but turns her nose up at chocolate. So when I needed someone with impeccable handwriting to help me address our Save-the-Date cards, I pulled out the [continue reading...]

Traditional beef empanadas


It’s my spring break, folks, and I’m going to do nothing but relax in the sunshine and bake tasty treats for the entire week. YAH, RIGHT. Despite the fact that the sun has only made a few appearances in the Bay Area this week, spring break for grad students really just means more time to [continue reading...]

Miniature apple pie puffs with homemade caramel sauce


For some reason, packing any dessert into a personal serving size boosts its appeal. Seriously, cupcakes are WAY more fun than cake; it’s like 2 dozen parties instead of just one! With that in mind, I set out to make dessert ravioli. I had two ideas brewing, but by a unanimous vote (Lucas only), personal [continue reading...]

Spiced orange buttermilk biscuits with “Playhouse” honey


I have a vendetta against breakfast pastries. They are merely pretending to be dessert, but not going all the way. With a breakfast pastry, you get all the calories and fat of a truly scrumptious sweet, but not the flavor, texture, and sugar of a decadent dessert cake. I know many of you will argue [continue reading...]