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Potluck potato salad


Turns out that delicious homemade potluck-style potato salad is a bit of an enigma. Everybody’s mom, aunt, grandma, and third cousin brings an award-worthy heaping bowl of it to the family cookout, but no one will divulge their recipe. “I do it by taste,” they say, as if it’s a giant secret. Everyone makes it, [continue reading...]

Traditional beef empanadas


It’s my spring break, folks, and I’m going to do nothing but relax in the sunshine and bake tasty treats for the entire week. YAH, RIGHT. Despite the fact that the sun has only made a few appearances in the Bay Area this week, spring break for grad students really just means more time to [continue reading...]

Creamy tomato basil soup


Is there one dish that you regularly crave? Tomato soup is one of those things that I get a sudden onset appetite for about once a month and must find some within the hour or something catastrophic will happen. I then go on a mad search calling every restaurant in Berkeley to find out whose [continue reading...]

The French enchilada: savory crepes with béchamel and roasted tomato sauce


Today is part two of my roasted chicken adventures. Instead of going through the hassle of cooking chicken for my crepes, I just pulled a leftover breast out of the fridge and was ready to go! After the meal was put together, we decided that the savory crepe is like the French version of an [continue reading...]