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Kumquat mango smoothie


One day last winter, Lucas came home from work begging for kumquats. Remember when your super trendy classmate pulled a packet of gushers or a squeezit drink out of her lunch box in 4th grade and you begged your mom to pack you some of those delicious snacks? (And she probably wouldn’t because that’s about a [continue reading...]

Summer squash gratin with nutmeg béchamel (gluten free)


When the doorbell rings and you find a 2-foot tall little girl standing there holding an armful of fresh zucchini, you can’t help but smile. She’s shyly grinning while barely hanging on to the three large squash that are about the size of her arms. She hardly says a word, but you can tell how [continue reading...]

The French enchilada: savory crepes with béchamel and roasted tomato sauce


Today is part two of my roasted chicken adventures. Instead of going through the hassle of cooking chicken for my crepes, I just pulled a leftover breast out of the fridge and was ready to go! After the meal was put together, we decided that the savory crepe is like the French version of an [continue reading...]

Roasted pears with cinnamon nutmeg whipped cream


If I didn’t have The Monterey Market to guide me, I don’t think I would ever have learned what fruits and vegetables are in season. If I went by Safeway’s produce section, it would seem everything’s in season all the time. Unlike Safeway, our little market down the street lets you know what’s in season [continue reading...]

Spiced orange buttermilk biscuits with “Playhouse” honey


I have a vendetta against breakfast pastries. They are merely pretending to be dessert, but not going all the way. With a breakfast pastry, you get all the calories and fat of a truly scrumptious sweet, but not the flavor, texture, and sugar of a decadent dessert cake. I know many of you will argue [continue reading...]