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Sunchoke soup with caramelized shallots and roasted enoki mushrooms


My husband will freely tell you that my obsession with bowls is getting out of hand. What used to be an enthusiasm for teeny tiny dishes now extends to bowls of all sizes. In my opinion, as long as each bowl has a specific place on the shelf and I can tell you where that place is, we’re [continue reading...]

Pan-fried sole & mixed wild rice with roasted grapes (gluten-free)


I’ve been in a rut with my dissertation lately. When you’re in a rut, you reflect. Reflect on what’s keeping you from making the progress that you need. Then maybe you can figure out how to get over that and just write your little heart out. And I think I’ve discovered a few things about myself that [continue reading...]

Spinach artichoke dip stuffed mushrooms


Despite attending two Pac 10 schools, I have very little interest in March Madness. I feel pretty much the same about it as I do about the Superbowl. If my friends are watching, I’m more than happy to make finger food all day and chat during commercial breaks. Except if there’s a game on my [continue reading...]

Healthy whole wheat vegetable quiche


Howdy, folks! We returned from our trip to Texas (more on that in the next post), did a few loads of laundry, and quickly headed out again. Lucas to China and I to my parents’ house for a couple of weeks to write a dissertation proposal and work on wedding crafts. In the week leading [continue reading...]

Caprese salad quinoa stuffed portabellas


Happy 2013! This year’s gonna be a good one – filled with a wedding(!) and house hunting. That’s right, folks, we’ve set a June deadline for moving into a place with a larger kitchen. Don’t worry, with the rental prices in Berkeley,  the kitchen will likely still be pint-sized, but the goal is that it’ll be [continue reading...]

Crispy tofu and mushroom medley


To most people who know me, it’s no surprise that within a week of getting engaged, I had already planned out my entire wedding (read: planned, not executed). So what if I’d been secretly bookmarking dozens of dream wedding ideas for years?! At least I didn’t create a public Pinterest wedding board before getting engaged [continue reading...]

Loaded sweet potato portabella mushrooms


When I decided that baby carrots, granola, and string cheese weren’t substantial enough to thrive a week on, I finally dragged myself to the store. With Lucas still in China, I wanted something simple, but hearty. It could take no longer than 20 minutes, but had to taste delicious enough to be worth changing out [continue reading...]

Spinach artichoke lasagna cups


Bite-sized party food makes me giddy. Itty-bitty cute packages of flavor that cause you to say “awww…adorbs” before digging in. The best part of fork-free party bites is that you can sample a bunch of different items from the spread without committing to giant portions…or …you can devour 20 of your favorite item without noticing just how [continue reading...]