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Sparkling ginger apple punch with muddled cranberries


When we moved into our new place, we promised our friends that we’d throw a barbecue not long after. We also taped up our bathroom with blue painters tape with lofty plans of turning the walls gray. It’s been 7 months since we moved in and we have neither painted our bathroom nor had a [continue reading...]

Strawberry lemonade elephant cupcakes


Don’t let these little elephant cookie toppers deceive you. These cupcakes are a mouth-watering combination of sweet lemon and fresh strawberries made baby shower-appropriate with light blue sugar cookies. I first tried this cupcake out on my research group a few weeks ago; when I’m testing a new recipe, I use them as my guinea pigs. “Research [continue reading...]

Lemon cream pavlova


A year ago, I told you about our anniversary day of cooking where Lucas and I each secretly and simultaneously prepared a dish to serve for our 2-year anniversary meal. I whipped up citrus tuna tartare with pear chips and lavender lemon cupcakes, while Lucas concocted tender chocolate stout braised short ribs, and we had such a blast that we [continue reading...]

Skinny lemon poppy seed cookies


Although I’ve been to Texas a couple of times (I’ve even made the long drive across the state in the middle of July), last week marked my first trip to Lucas’s hometown just outside of Houston. January promised cooler weather than our last August trip to Austin. We readied our stomachs for lots and lots of BBQ and [continue reading...]

Lime ginger albacore


Guys, I know I’ve been a bit distant this month. Just know it’s not you, it’s me. August has been a big month, complete with the future in-laws coming for a visit, getting engaged, a bachelorette party, two weddings, and Lucas’s marathon. And we’re only about halfway through that list. We flew up to Seattle [continue reading...]

She Said Yes: Our sparkling ginger lemon signature mocktail


Cheers! He got down on one knee. I said yes. We kissed. The end. Let’s toast!

Shrimp scampi over fresh angel hair pasta


When you’re too busy to go grocery shopping and dinner hour is approaching, you have to make do with what you’ve got on hand. On this particular evening, frozen raw shrimp was what we had on hand – lucky us! We love shrimp, but raw shrimp is so pricey (yes, even the frozen kind) that [continue reading...]

Lemon ginger chicken


It’s a miracle that I managed to eat dinner every night last week. Our trip to Boston impeded Sunday meal planning and grocery shopping. And the Thursday deadline for draft two of my paper meant thinking about dinner was last on my to-do list. So, by Tuesday, our usually stuffed apartment-sized fridge was bare, carrying [continue reading...]