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Chicken chronicles part III: chicken and vegetable burritos (& a spice rack fiasco)


Prior to meeting Lucas, my experience with cooking flavorful Mexican food was limited to Lawry’s Taco Seasoning packets. When I first made tacos for Lucas, he was appalled at my affinity for the mysterious mix, but agreed to let me do my thing when I insisted it was the way to go (a common theme in [continue reading...]

Crunchy lemon green beans


My namesake, “Big Sarah” (although I’m the taller one now), is an excellent home chef. She knows 100x more about food than I do, and has taught me much of what I know. When went off to college, Sarah sent me with a recipe book in which she compiled a handful of her favorite recipes. [continue reading...]

Recipe Rewind: Dad’s spicy green beans


Recipe Rewind February 4, 2014: We’re making our way through old recipes to revive their pictures and steps, starting with Dad’s spicy green beans. This is a super simple recipe using Lawry’s seasoned pepper, my dad’s spice mix of choice. With a spicy kick and a bit of a crunch, they’re anything but boring. These green beans taste [continue reading...]