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Orange frothy


The other night as we were going to bed, I let out an exasperated, “winter sucks!” As if he could read my mind for once, Lucas echoed my concern, “…because stone fruits aren’t around!” Yup. That’s how I feel when the single sign on the what was once multiple crates of peaches reads, “End of [continue reading...]

Strawberry ginger lemonade


YAHOO!! I tied the knot this weekend! You’re lookin’ at the new Mrs. Menanix. Despite the hotel shuttle that picked up my guests with the phrase “Sarah’s wedding?” and took them to a different Sarah’s wedding instead of ours, and the 110º  sweltering heat that melted our plastic compostable cups into a sad pile on the [continue reading...]

Blackberry cheesecake mousse


Cupid snuck up on me. In his little diaper with his chubby cheeks and heart-shaped arrow, he showed up today without warning. Usually he makes sure to flood my path with dozens of pink stuffed bears, bright red roses, and boxes of chocolates for about two months before he arrives, but this year was different. [continue reading...]

Mint pickled strawberries


Hold on to your seat, I’m about to tell you something wild. I pickled strawberries. That’s right, I took sweet juicy organic strawberries and canned them in sour red wine vinegar with a few sprigs of mint. And they turned out edible. In fact, they were more than just tolerable, the pickling enhanced the strawberry and [continue reading...]

Mango chocolate cupcakes


You never thought you’d find chocolate cake here, did you? Just when you had me all figured out, I pull this stunt out of left field. What’s more? I liked – no LOVED – these bite-sized chocolate-y treats! I surprise just when you least expect it. When you think I’ll zig, I zag. The excuse? Jen’s oral qualifying [continue reading...]

Gooey strawberry chocolate chip brownies


When Chuy read about the strawberry cupcakes I made a couple of weeks  back, he exclaimed in disbelief, “YOU NEVER MAKE INTERESTING CUPCAKES FOR ME!!!” Let me start by saying: this is just not true – he got to enjoy the green tea cupcakes from St. Patrick’s Day. Nonetheless, since he truly felt this way, I [continue reading...]

Strawberries Wild Cupcakes


Pink treats are required when a new baby girl is about to grace us with her presence. Nine months pregnant and about to burst, my classmate Hee-jeong is a glowing mama-to-be. Her friends gathered outside on this anomalous sunny 65-degree afternoon to shower her with all things baby and pink (and yellow…and blue…and green…just to [continue reading...]

Playing with food: Beet orange salad


I went to Sur La Table to find a heart-shaped cookie cutter today and would you believe it – they’re sold out! They were even totally all out of the sets that included a heart cookie cutter. I figured that if I’m going to be making cutesy Valentine’s Day food, I should invest $1 in [continue reading...]