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Healthy whole wheat vegetable quiche


Howdy, folks! We returned from our trip to Texas (more on that in the next post), did a few loads of laundry, and quickly headed out again. Lucas to China and I to my parents’ house for a couple of weeks to write a dissertation proposal and work on wedding crafts. In the week leading [continue reading...]

Zucchini and chickpea baked falafels


I’m dreaming of a day without a MOUNTAIN of academic reading on my horizon. That day is November 30th. And until then, I’m having nightmares of being attacked by various researchers for misinterpreting their work (yes, totally rational fear – ha). To make it so that cooking dinner doesn’t also seem like a scary task [continue reading...]

Baked creamy chicken taquitos


Sample sunday at Costco is one of my fondest childhood memories. When I make the trek out to Costco these days, most of the microwaved tastes are less appealing than they were to my teenage self. Back when my metabolism was in overdrive, I could (and would) eat anything at anytime without thinking twice. Costco [continue reading...]

Pepperoni pizza quesadillas


I’ve been holding out on you. While I have been able to squeeze in a bit of time in the kitchen, finding time to write about it is a totally different story. We got home from Whistler/Vancouver/Seattle Wednesday morning around 2:30am, only to wake up a few hours later to a jam-packed workday. The evening ended with a food-filled [continue reading...]

Chicken tikka masala with basmati rice


This past week was one for facing food fears head on. Indian food falls into this category. While in college, I lived next door to a group of five male graduate students from India, and they loved to cook – especially for other people. The first time I joined them for dinner, they asked in [continue reading...]

Vegetable Thai curry with fresh crab


Another fun fact that I learned at my cousin’s farm is that kaffir lime leaves are the key ingredient to making authentic Thai food. He so casually asked me if I wanted some kaffir lime leaves, and I responded with a blank stare, “some what?” He went on to tell us how one of his favorite dishes is fresh [continue reading...]

Seared scallops with blood orange gastrique and fried shallots


I declared this national citrus awareness day. Okay, so I don’t have that power, but when planning today’s meals, I couldn’t help but be drawn to the bins of citrus at the produce market: grapefruit, blood oranges, navel oranges, lemon, etc. Whatever I decided to cook, I would be incorporating these fruit. Whenever I think [continue reading...]

Shabu Shabu (Japanese hot pot)


One of our choice date night meals is Shabu Shabu or, Japanese hot pot. Unfortunately, it also costs an arm and a leg (and you even cook your own food!). Shabu Shabu (named for the “swish swish” sound of the beef being stirred in the water) is a dining experience where you cook your own [continue reading...]