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Chocolate orange creamsicle cupcakes


Cupcakes are my kryptonite. So good, but so so bad. I swore off gluten entirely yesterday when I had a massive headache and horrible nausea for two days straight after eating only one (oh so yummy) chocolate orange creamsicle cupcake. Okay, two. I ate one on Friday when I served them because I had to [continue reading...]

Strawberry lemonade elephant cupcakes


Don’t let these little elephant cookie toppers deceive you. These cupcakes are a mouth-watering combination of sweet lemon and fresh strawberries made baby shower-appropriate with light blue sugar cookies. I first tried this cupcake out on my research group a few weeks ago; when I’m testing a new recipe, I use them as my guinea pigs. “Research [continue reading...]

Eggnog cupcakes


Hands up if you pigged out on sugar and sweets over the holidays! I know I did. That’s what the holidays are for – complete gluttony…a free pass to disregard your pre-wedding diet and dig into a plate of cookies, cupcakes, or mom’s almond toffee. And down it with a glass of eggnog. As a kid [continue reading...]

Peppermint cupcakes with dark chocolate imperial stout ganache


You know that feeling when you haven’t done something for a while and when you finally try to do it again it’s like you’ve completely forgotten how. Take walking for example. You know how to walk. But hop on the elliptical for 30 minutes and you’ll know what I’m talking about. You step off and wobble a [continue reading...]

Pumpkin cheesecake brownie bites


October has come and gone, but my obsession with pumpkin recipes didn’t end when the lights in the Jack-O’-Lanterns flickered out on November 1st. No, it’s becoming clear that pumpkin is gonna keep turning up on my menu for quite some time. In fact, no one can say with certainty, but it’s very possible that [continue reading...]

Peach financiers


My friend Cas and I have a standing Monday morning yoga date (my attempt to relieve my chronic tension headaches), but sometimes 8am comes too quickly and we wind up strolling around the neighborhood chatting instead. Cas’s birthday fell on one of our off-weeks from class. So as a slightly belated birthday breakfast, I baked [continue reading...]

Double chocolate bacon cupcakes


Candied bacon is all the rage these days, and pairing it with chocolate seems to be a popular choice. To test the fad, Lucas and I shared a strip of chocolate covered bacon on a candy shop stop on our Colorado trip earlier this year. Who knew the salt and sugar combination would be so tasty? [continue reading...]

Mango chocolate cupcakes


You never thought you’d find chocolate cake here, did you? Just when you had me all figured out, I pull this stunt out of left field. What’s more? I liked – no LOVED – these bite-sized chocolate-y treats! I surprise just when you least expect it. When you think I’ll zig, I zag. The excuse? Jen’s oral qualifying [continue reading...]