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Guilt-free strawberries and cream sandwiches


Some days you need dessert. What do you do when you’re having one of those days, but you’re trying to eat healthy to stay in shape for your wedding? Your desire for dessert is growing stronger and stronger until you risk eating an entire gallon of ice cream all by yourself. You’ve tied your hands [continue reading...]

Asparagus leek soup


While traveling around the country, I’ve discovered what I love most about living in California: seasonally fresh local produce available year-round. We’re spoiled rotten here in the Golden State; half a block from my house, bins are overflowing with fresh vegetables being sold for next to nothing. As spring rolls into summer this month, bundles [continue reading...]

Creamy scalloped potatoes


It’s been years since I’ve spent Easter with my family and I miss it. I miss the epic egg hunts in my parents’ backyard that always ended with a few unaccounted for hard-boiled eggs for the dog to discover later. I miss searching high and low for the basket of goodies the bunny hid somewhere [continue reading...]

Mushroom and leek pappardelle topped with crispy pancetta


Remember my mushroom craving¬†last week? Well, I finally got my mushroom fix.¬†Thursday night was an exploration in hen of the woods and black trumpet mushrooms; I discovered that both types are rich and flavorful, and their aroma is rather pleasant and innocuous. Beyond the basic fungi (cremini, portabella, shiitake, enoki), I don’t really know all [continue reading...]