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Chocolate orange creamsicle cupcakes


Cupcakes are my kryptonite. So good, but so so bad. I swore off gluten entirely yesterday when I had a massive headache and horrible nausea for two days straight after eating only one (oh so yummy) chocolate orange creamsicle cupcake. Okay, two. I ate one on Friday when I served them because I had to [continue reading...]

Baked creamy chicken taquitos


Sample sunday at Costco is one of my fondest childhood memories. When I make the trek out to Costco these days, most of the microwaved tastes are less appealing than they were to my teenage self. Back when my metabolism was in overdrive, I could (and would) eat anything at anytime without thinking twice. Costco [continue reading...]

Mango chocolate cupcakes


You never thought you’d find chocolate cake here, did you? Just when you had me all figured out, I pull this stunt out of left field. What’s more? I liked – no LOVED – these bite-sized chocolate-y treats! I surprise just when you least expect it. When you think I’ll zig, I zag. The excuse? Jen’s oral qualifying [continue reading...]

Honey green tea sandwich cookies


Phew! I churned out a 22-page paper yesterday, and I’m celebrating this small success with cookies. Yes folks, that means there’s a draft of my third qualifying paper on the table! Major edits will be in the works over the next couple weeks, but for now, I’ve composed some semblance of a theory on how [continue reading...]