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Flourless salted almond chocolate cookies & a milestone giveaway [closed]


Spoiler alert: Today’s post is brought to you by the letter C as in Chocolate and the number 1,000,000 as in how many total page views we hit last week! When I first started this blog in January two years ago (TWO YEARS AGO?!), we were taking photos with our point and shoot camera on our coffee [continue reading...]

Iced oatmeal pumpkin spiced cookies (gluten-free)


This week was a big first for me. My first time passing out candy to little people dressed in bizarre outfits. Earlier Halloween day, I was on the phone with my mom when my brother called her to ask how much candy he needed to buy – would he get trick or treaters? How many? [continue reading...]

Dashboard chocolate chip cookies (gluten-free!)


“Golly, it was hot this weekend!” said everyone everywhere. Usually it doesn’t hit the hundreds in Chico until August, but we’ve already survived three heat-wave weekends at my parents’ house. At least this time the pool wasn’t covered with a dance floor so we could hop on in after sweating through our tee-shirts. The day after [continue reading...]

Sesame peach mochi cookies


On each plate at the reception, we had a “Letter to the Bride & Groom” Madlib to entertain guests while we rushed to take as many pictures as possible in our now 20 minute cocktail “hour” that got cut short because of the shuttle snafu. We grabbed them all at the end of the night [continue reading...]

Strawberry lemonade elephant cupcakes


Don’t let these little elephant cookie toppers deceive you. These cupcakes are a mouth-watering combination of sweet lemon and fresh strawberries made baby shower-appropriate with light blue sugar cookies. I first tried this cupcake out on my research group a few weeks ago; when I’m testing a new recipe, I use them as my guinea pigs. “Research [continue reading...]

Skinny lemon poppy seed cookies


Although I’ve been to Texas a couple of times (I’ve even made the long drive across the state in the middle of July), last week marked my first trip to Lucas’s hometown just outside of Houston. January promised cooler weather than our last August trip to Austin. We readied our stomachs for lots and lots of BBQ and [continue reading...]

Mexican wedding cookies & Engagement photos!


Alright guys, the month of experimenting in the kitchen begins! After weeks of complaining about studying, I finally took and passed my qualifying exam on Friday. Wahoo! A free woman! Up next: dissertation (no big deal, right?). But first, a break. Early Saturday morning began with puffs of flour tossed around the kitchen, baking sheets [continue reading...]

Not-your-mama’s oatmeal raisin cookies


Sometimes I send gifts late. I like to extend holidays and birthdays by shipping out a present a week after the occasion just to make people feel loved longer. It has nothing to do with forgetfulness or a lack of preparedness. Nothing. That’s exactly what I did with these chewy oatmeal raisin cookies; they arrived [continue reading...]