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Quick chicken & Spanish chorizo paella


I accidentally ate mac and cheese this weekend. It was not a moment of weakness where I thought, “oh, screw it, I’m eating this.” It was an honest-to-goodness mistake. We had some friends over for some BBQ this weekend and one of them brought over some bacon-filled deli mac n’ cheese. My response?  “Ooo – [continue reading...]

Domoda: African peanut stew


We’re getting ready to head North to my parents’ house for a Thanksgiving feast (and lots of card games), but first I want to share with you a totally non-Turkey related recipe I’ve been keeping from you. It’s appropriate that I share this recipe today since it comes from my dear friends Cas and Brian, [continue reading...]

Spinach artichoke lasagna cups


Bite-sized party food makes me giddy. Itty-bitty cute packages of flavor that cause you to say “awww…adorbs” before digging in. The best part of fork-free party bites is that you can sample a bunch of different items from the spread without committing to giant portions…or …you can devour 20 of your favorite item without noticing just how [continue reading...]

Honey soy sauce chicken drumsticks


Getting a cold in July is the pits! It’s sunny & warm, and all you want to do is go play outside, but you’re stuck on the couch with a box of tissues. That’s how I’ve spent the past four days. The weather was perfect for grilling this weekend, but even the thought of spending [continue reading...]

Baked creamy chicken taquitos


Sample sunday at Costco is one of my fondest childhood memories. When I make the trek out to Costco these days, most of the microwaved tastes are less appealing than they were to my teenage self. Back when my metabolism was in overdrive, I could (and would) eat anything at anytime without thinking twice. Costco [continue reading...]

Lemon ginger chicken


It’s a miracle that I managed to eat dinner every night last week. Our trip to Boston impeded Sunday meal planning and grocery shopping. And the Thursday deadline for draft two of my paper meant thinking about dinner was last on my to-do list. So, by Tuesday, our usually stuffed apartment-sized fridge was bare, carrying [continue reading...]

Chicken and artichoke pesto quesadillas


Grad school productivity is inversely related to cooking and blogging; as I become more immersed in reading and writing theories on math education, my kitchen becomes less used and my blogging less frequent. I start rummaging through my freezer to find something to eat because going to the store (and planning a shopping list) would [continue reading...]

Chicken tikka masala with basmati rice


This past week was one for facing food fears head on. Indian food falls into this category. While in college, I lived next door to a group of five male graduate students from India, and they loved to cook – especially for other people. The first time I joined them for dinner, they asked in [continue reading...]