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Sesame miso zucchini noodles and tofu


It takes every ounce of self-control to refrain from eating homemade fettuccine every day. Unfortunately, eating fresh pasta as often as I crave it is not consistent with my healthy eating goals and does not bode well for staying in shape. After pigging out on candied bacon a couple of weeks ago, our diet was [continue reading...]

Chicken pot pie: dinner & dessert


I play with my food. One of my favorite things to do with food is make it look like something it’s not. For Halloween, I spent hours turning marinated mozzarella and olives into creepy eyeballs and meringue cookies into scary ghosts. Today, I present two takes on the classic chicken pot pie: a warm savory [continue reading...]

Lucas’s anniversary chocolate stout-braised short ribs


For the second course of our two-part anniversary dinner, Lucas was concocting something special. I’ll narrate my perspective first and he’ll chime in with his side of the story after.¬†We each walked to the produce market separately Saturday afternoon to keep the mystery of each of our dishes alive as long as possible, but bumped [continue reading...]