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Gluten-free triple chocolate brownies


How many potlucks with piles of freshly baked flour-filled goodies must a person like me endure? Pure torture for the gluten-free, I say. The host of the last one boasted a brownie taste-test among the spread of chocolate-y confections. So what does one who can’t eat them do? Force-feed all the homemade treats to your [continue reading...]

Strawberry lemonade elephant cupcakes


Don’t let these little elephant cookie toppers deceive you. These cupcakes are a mouth-watering combination of sweet lemon and fresh strawberries made baby shower-appropriate with light blue sugar cookies. I first tried this cupcake out on my research group a few weeks ago; when I’m testing a new recipe, I use them as my guinea pigs. “Research [continue reading...]

Peach financiers


My friend Cas and I have a standing Monday morning yoga date (my attempt to relieve my chronic tension headaches), but sometimes 8am comes too quickly and we wind up strolling around the neighborhood chatting instead. Cas’s birthday fell on one of our off-weeks from class. So as a slightly belated birthday breakfast, I baked [continue reading...]

Apple pie cake with caramel buttercream & a GIVEAWAY! [Winner Chosen]


Coinciding with my 100th post, Snixy Kitchen has moved to SnixyKitchen.com! When I first started this blog a few months ago, I fully intended to upgrade to a custom design within a couple of weeks. Who knew it would take time (for Lucas) to learn how to build a website? Well here it is: Snixy Kitchen [continue reading...]

Double chocolate bacon cupcakes


Candied bacon is all the rage these days, and pairing it with chocolate seems to be a popular choice. To test the fad, Lucas and I shared a strip of chocolate covered bacon on a candy shop stop on our Colorado trip earlier this year. Who knew the salt and sugar combination would be so tasty? [continue reading...]

Mango chocolate cupcakes


You never thought you’d find chocolate cake here, did you? Just when you had me all figured out, I pull this stunt out of left field. What’s more? I liked – no LOVED – these bite-sized chocolate-y treats! I surprise just when you least expect it. When you think I’ll zig, I zag. The excuse? Jen’s oral qualifying [continue reading...]

Gooey strawberry chocolate chip brownies


When Chuy read about the strawberry cupcakes I made a couple of weeks  back, he exclaimed in disbelief, “YOU NEVER MAKE INTERESTING CUPCAKES FOR ME!!!” Let me start by saying: this is just not true – he got to enjoy the green tea cupcakes from St. Patrick’s Day. Nonetheless, since he truly felt this way, I [continue reading...]

Strawberries Wild Cupcakes


Pink treats are required when a new baby girl is about to grace us with her presence. Nine months pregnant and about to burst, my classmate Hee-jeong is a glowing mama-to-be. Her friends gathered outside on this anomalous sunny 65-degree afternoon to shower her with all things baby and pink (and yellow…and blue…and green…just to [continue reading...]