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Food memory: Miso hollandaise & a day in the life as a teacher


Little known fact: Snixy Kitchen is not my first blog. Back in 2007, I had a five-post stint as a blogger telling detailed classroom stories of teaching adventures, in which I replaced all my students’ names with Disney characters. I wrote about the time I discovered that 4th-grade Gaston had written, “Ms. Nix is next,” [continue reading...]

Sweet potato and eggs breakfast hash


I’ve missed you! You know that raw excitement a dog feels when its human friend returns after being away FOREVER…or, say, 15 minutes? That’s how I feel about seeing you again. Amidst all the chaos over the past couple of weeks, I’ve paused several times to think about how I haven’t been very fair to you. [continue reading...]

Over easy avocado toasts [Gluten-Free]


When you’ve got chronic headaches, you’ll try just about anything to find a remedy. Over the past few years, I’ve exhausted nearly every possible option to get rid of them, short of adjusting what I eat. You see, when I tell myself “let’s just take a break from cheese to see if it’s a trigger,” [continue reading...]

Healthy whole wheat vegetable quiche


Howdy, folks! We returned from our trip to Texas (more on that in the next post), did a few loads of laundry, and quickly headed out again. Lucas to China and I to my parents’ house for a couple of weeks to write a dissertation proposal and work on wedding crafts. In the week leading [continue reading...]

Cheddar sausage buttermilk biscuits


When Dad tells you he wants Lucas to bring work clothes to replace the fence over the 4-day Thankgiving weekend, he’s not joking. No matter how much you laugh at him, he’s dead serious. Dad doesn’t believe in wasting a perfectly sunny consecutive three days (okay, fine, you can have Thursday off). Even when he’s [continue reading...]

Pumpkin pie oatmeal


Like I said, pumpkin is taking over my blog! That’s what happens when you don’t want to let just one spoonful of pumpkin purée go to waste. Who knows what’s next: Pumpkin cookies? Pumpkin cupcakes? Pumpkin cheesecake?! Clearly I’ve got a one track mind for sweets right now. To try to fulfill my pumpkin pie [continue reading...]

Pumpkin pie muffins


Fall is coming! Or at least there was a hint of fall approaching last Friday. The sky was overcast, the sun went down early, and there was a chill in the air. I spent the afternoon mourning the loss of summer, and by 5 o’clock, I was ready to bundle up in a blanket in [continue reading...]

Peach financiers


My friend Cas and I have a standing Monday morning yoga date (my attempt to relieve my chronic tension headaches), but sometimes 8am comes too quickly and we wind up strolling around the neighborhood chatting instead. Cas’s birthday fell on one of our off-weeks from class. So as a slightly belated birthday breakfast, I baked [continue reading...]