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Flour tortillas


Where has 2012 gone? While teaching 9th grade in 93 degree Philadelphia humidity back in 2009, the end of the school year couldn’t get here fast enough. (It didn’t help that the February snow days tacked on an extra week in June.) NOW, time can’t go slow enough. And I’m not just saying that because [continue reading...]

Homemade naan bread (yeast-free)


Making homemade bread is on my bucket list. I’m not there yet, but I’ve been making fresh pasta and pizza crust for a while, and now I can add naan to bread-like things I’ve made on my own. By using a (simple) sourdough starter, this naan recipe brings me so much closer to my eventual [continue reading...]

Meyer lemon and ginger banana bread mini muffins


Happy (early) National Banana Bread Day! There’s a day for everything and Thursday, February 23rd is dedicated to this baked banana treat. It’s appropriate that I honor the holiday since I was (arbitrarily) given the nickname “Banana” in high school; there are few monikers that I respond to and “Banana” is right up there with [continue reading...]