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Korean BBQ beef quesadillas


Do you ever put leftovers in your freezer, but then forget they’re there or forget what they are? I should really be better about labeling things that go into my freezer. Especially since it’s packed full, but when I open it, I think, “We’ve got NOTHING to eat in here” and slam it shut again. Not [continue reading...]

Beef udon miso soup


The fickle bay area weather has me simultaneously craving frozen strawberry popsicles and warm brothy soup. To celebrate Mother Nature’s springtime indecisiveness, we slurped down comforting noodle soup for dinner with strawberries and whipped cream for dessert. The inspiration for this broth bowl came from my determination to use the tub of white miso paste [continue reading...]

Traditional beef empanadas


It’s my spring break, folks, and I’m going to do nothing but relax in the sunshine and bake tasty treats for the entire week. YAH, RIGHT. Despite the fact that the sun has only made a few appearances in the Bay Area this week, spring break for grad students really just means more time to [continue reading...]

Texas style oven-roasted beef brisket


My acupuncturist told me that I needed to eat some beef yesterday because my blood seemed weak. I’m not exactly sure what that means, but I will do just about anything that might potentially relieve my reoccurring headaches. I thought a steak would be nice – after all, it was Valentine’s Day – but a steak [continue reading...]

Lucas’s anniversary chocolate stout-braised short ribs


For the second course of our two-part anniversary dinner, Lucas was concocting something special. I’ll narrate my perspective first and he’ll chime in with his side of the story after. We each walked to the produce market separately Saturday afternoon to keep the mystery of each of our dishes alive as long as possible, but bumped [continue reading...]

Shabu Shabu (Japanese hot pot)


One of our choice date night meals is Shabu Shabu or, Japanese hot pot. Unfortunately, it also costs an arm and a leg (and you even cook your own food!). Shabu Shabu (named for the “swish swish” sound of the beef being stirred in the water) is a dining experience where you cook your own [continue reading...]