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Our DIY Backyard BBQ Wedding – Part 2


We’re married! And no one fainted from heat! This post is the second half of our wedding tale –  our bride & groom portraits and the DIY reception. To see pictures and read about our first look, bridal party, and ceremony details (including our vows), find part 1 here. With that, here’s the second peak into our DIY [continue reading...]

Our DIY Backyard BBQ Wedding – Part 1


You wanna come to our wedding without melting in the 110 degree heat? I thought so. Here’s your invitation. Even though we got married…oh, 7 months ago, I’m just now finally getting around to sharing our photos with you. It took us about 8 months to create our dream wedding from scratch and now, just [continue reading...]

BBQ tofu bites


As a California native living in The Bay Area, I really should have been much more interested in the Superbowl than I was (or ever have been for that matter). While in Chico making wedding crafts for the past two weeks (Lucas in China, again), my dad turned on the 49ers v. Falcons game. For [continue reading...]

Texas style oven-roasted beef brisket


My acupuncturist told me that I needed to eat some beef yesterday because my blood seemed weak. I’m not exactly sure what that means, but I will do just about anything that might potentially relieve my reoccurring headaches. I thought a steak would be nice – after all, it was Valentine’s Day – but a steak [continue reading...]

BBQ pulled pork sandwiches with blood orange slaw


I’ve been couponing for the past year and a half (thanks to Margot:), and will eventually share some of my tips and finds. My most recent big bargain is the crockpot I got for free from CVS on black friday (yes, free!). My mom uses her crockpot all the time, and I aspire to create [continue reading...]