Buttermilk Fried Tofu Tacos with Jalapeno Lime Yogurt Cabbage Slaw


Buttermilk Fried Tofu Tacos

These Buttermilk Fried Tofu Tacos are for those days you really need comfort food. Like Monday, for example. The day after Lucas left for China. The day the freshly hung front dining room curtains ripped out of the wall. Before we point fingers, it’s not Lucas’s fault. He rushed to get my double curtain rod up minutes before he had to leave, and in the process, discovered that our landlord hadn’t put the previous brace in a stud. Lucas quickly threw a drywall screw in, worried it wouldn’t hold. Guess what? It didn’t hold.

No problem, though. I’m handy.

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Chocolate Mochi Mug Cake


Chocolate Mochi Mug Cake

Among many important life lessons, my parents instilled in me one fundamental truth: dessert follows dinner. No sooner do I finish my last bite of dinner than I crave something sweet to wash it down. Tonight I’ll be making my second batch of these chocolate mochi mug cakes. This sweet tooth is programmed into my genes.

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Gluten-free Scallion Pancakes


Gluten-Free Scallion Pancakes-1

Sometimes a recipe idea pops in my head seemingly from nowhere at all (the recipe gods?). Take these gluten-free scallion pancakes, for example. I’d never eaten a scallion pancake. Not once in my whole life. In fact, I’m not even sure I’d ever even seen a picture of scallion pancakes when I decided they were my next conquest. This blind recipe testing is not a new phenomena for me – I did the same thing when I set out to make spicy pork bibimbap two years ago. There’s something about the mystery of it all.

Gluten-Free Scallion Pancakes-1

On the one hand, this sets the bar pretty low since I have nothing to compare them against. On the other hand, how will I know if the scallion pancakes turn out like…scallion pancakes?

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Shiitake Miso Soup with Silken Tofu


Shiitake Miso Soup

I have a habit of inviting people over for dinner, but then making them wait over an hour to eat while I prepare it. I’m imagining all of my hungry friends shaking their heads yes in unison. One day I’ll get the timing right (as in, I’ll stop waiting until my friends arrive to begin making the soup broth), but for now I’m just happy enough that I’m at a place in my life where I’ve got a full set of matching dishes to serve a table of four.

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Your Favorite 14 Recipes from 2014


Favorite Recipes of 2014

With 2015 barreling its way in, I’m freaking out just a tad. With the new year, comes my very last semester of graduate school (yay!). Except that means: only one more semester to finish up this dissertation, get it signed off, and find a job.

“Welcome to the real world, Sarah.” – 2015

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Pistachio Basil Ricotta Spread with Honey


Pistachio Basil Ricotta Spread with Honey

There’s an insane amount of cheese in our fridge right now (best problem to have). Last week Lucas came home with teeny tiny half-wheel of fancy cheese and a box of crackers he’d picked up at the market on his way home from work. In our marriage, this gesture is the equivalent of bringing flowers and it’s a sure way to win my heart. Except after the few indulgent bites it took to finish it off, I immediately complained about the single serving-size of cheese he’d teased me with and we had to make an emergency trip for more cheese. He’d awoken the dormant cheeseaholic inside of me. You don’t want to see what will happen if you try taking this pistachio basil ricotta spread away from me.

While y’all are gaining your holiday weight in baked goods, I’m over here putting 10lbs of cheese straight to my hips.

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Iced Gingerbread Men and Ginger Cats {Gluten-free}


Gluten-Free Iced Gingerbread Men

Back in college, I showed up to a holiday party at my then-boyfriend’s mom’s house with a plate of gingerbread cookies. Except, at the time, I only owned one cookie cutter: a hippo. I showed up with 4 dozen iced gingerbread hippopotamuses. For Christmas that year, his mom and grandma independently mailed me cookie cutters. Apparently they didn’t find my gingerbread hippos festive enough (I beg to differ).

I made these Gluten-Free Iced Gingerbread Men for the last day of Rodelle’s 10 days of Cookies and for old time’s sake, threw in a couple of gingerbread hippos for extra merriment. And then because I couldn’t resist using my absurdly large collection of cat cookies cutters, half the batch turned into icing-striped Ginger Cats. Mmmrrooow.

Alternative title: Ginger Cats – An Ode to Arti.

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DIY Gift: Mom’s Chocolate Almond English Toffee


DIY Gift: Chocolate Almond English Toffee

Chocolate Almond English Toffee

Back when I was first getting into cooking, my aunt gave me a board game for foodies. Imagine Cranium except every category has to do with food. One card category involves listing out ingredients one by one while the other team guesses what dish they make up. Now that I cook more often, I’m pretty sure none of these ingredient lists would make an edible dish. Plus, a disproportionate of the cards begin with 1/2 cup of mayonnaise. Whatever you’re making – start with half a container of mayonnaise. No thank you.

Find a recipe that starts with 2 sticks of butter, however, and I’m certain it’s something fantastic. Basically: “this recipe starts with two bricks of gold.” That’s exactly how my mom’s almond English toffee recipe starts and it’s the stuff my dreams are made of.

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