Mexican Street Corn Grilled Polenta Bites


Mexican Street Corn Grilled Polenta Bites

Last Saturday was one long celebration of Lucas’s birthday (though his actual birthday is today!). We meant to get up early to spend the full day at food festivals, but in true Sarah-Lucas form, we slept in (shocker). We’re the kind of people who set three alarms – 7:00, 7:12, 7:20. And still press snooze. (Also, who are we kidding? The first alarm is definitely after 8am *cough9amcough*). We moseyed our way to Bite, where we met up with Carla to stuff our faces with food from some of the best chefs in the country doing awesome things like 3D printing sugar cubes and making tacos on solar-powered stoves.

These Mexican street corn grilled polenta bites are a riff on those tacos. Only they can be eaten in one bite – all the more perfect for your summer cookout. Plus, I teamed up with Pacific Foods to use their new organic polenta line, making this appetizer come together in a jiffy. Cute factor + easy prep? Win-win.

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Roasted Beet Salad with Crispy Shallots & Tarragon-Basil Infused Olive Oil


Roasted Beet Salad with Tarragon-Basil Infused Olive Oil

I need to learn to reign in my inner cat lady around non-cat people (Mental note – why am I hanging out with non-cat people?). When people pull out their phones to show off their kids, I match photo-for-photo of my cats. This is how I weed people out. Then I inevitably show up to dinner wearing a cat t-shirt and people wonder if all I do all day is play with cats (they’d be correct).

Amanda from Heartbeet Kitchen is not one of those people. She flew across the country last month for a California visit and the first stop on her list? Cat Town Cafe – where she let me buy said cat t-shirt.

Then back to my house to play with more cats while making this beet salad with herb-infused olive oil.

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Sesame Ginger Miso Cucumber Salad


Sesame Ginger Miso Cucumber Salad

Remember that time we ate salad and I promised you more salads this year? Yeah, me neither. We’ve had five desserts since the last time we chomped down a salad together, but since every good summer BBQ should be made up of equal parts vegetables and ice cream, I’m sharing this super simple sesame ginger miso cucumber salad as we head into cook-out season.

(And if you haven’t figured out which flavors of ice cream you’re making for the weekend shindig, might I recommend coconut vanilla bean, chamomile honeycomb, or strawberry chocolate chip? Probably you’ll need all three.)

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Hibiscus Ginger Ice Cream Float – A Trio of Floats Collaboration


Hibiscus Ginger Ice Cream Floats

Hibiscus Ginger Ice Cream Floats

Summer is finally barreling in – and by barreling I mean, it’s peaking near 70°F here, which means as long as the sun is out I only need a light cardigan. Like I said: barreling.

Meanwhile, we just bought an outdoor space heater for our back porch so we can actually have barbecues this summer without freezing our bums off. Come on over and we’ll watch the sunset as we sip frothy hibiscus ginger ice cream floats on my back porch. Move over lemonade, ice cream floats are the official drink of summer 2015.

Because I just said so.

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Gluten-Free Chocolate Chestnut Waffles with Balsamic Roasted Berries


Chocolate Chestnut Waffles with Balsamic Roasted Berries

It’s a short week – celebrate with chocolate chestnut waffles! Then make them again for Waffle Wednesday (totally a thing). And then Thursday because it’s almost the weekend. Whatever the day, I’m sure you can find a reason for chocolate waffles.

Before we go any further, important things first: I got my lollipop! The Grad division office had a sign up that read, “Don’t worry, we’ll NEVER discontinue the lollipops!” It seems I wasn’t the only one who asked with a quivering lip. This time my mom got to come with, so it felt much more eventful – only then I faced the dilemma about whether to eat the lollipop or save it as a keepsake (hoarder, much?). My mom apparently read my inner struggle and detoured us to See’s to pick up a box of lollipops – “for eating,” she said.

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Vegan Vanilla Bean Ice Cream


Vegan Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

Before you roll your eyes,  there’s a good reason why I’m sharing two ice cream recipes in a row. And it’s not because I’ve got a scoop-a-night ice cream problem (which I do). It’s also not an act of rebellion against that little gem salad that’s going to result in 54 more desserts before you see another salad. Though in this case, I really did eat this vegan vanilla bean ice cream for dinner last night.

I had an entirely different recipe lined up for today, but instead we’re having ice cream to celebrate. I filed my dissertation this afternoon so it’s dessert-ation time! Ergo: Ice cream, duh.

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Chamomile Honeycomb Ice Cream


Chamomile Honeycomb Ice Cream

With two walls of windows in the dining room and a heat wave the day I shot these photos, the scoops turned to ice cream soup in 1-2-3 snaps. Yes, I just called 81°F a heat wave – a notable 30° cooler than the day we got married – but without AC, this kind of temperature warrants opening all the doors and shooting chamomile honeycomb ice cream in your skivvies. (Oh hey there neighbors!)

(They can’t actually see through our sheer curtains in the sun.) (I checked.)

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Hibiscus Strawberry Curd Tarts with Toasted Meringue {gluten-free}


Hibiscus Strawberry Curd Tarts with Toasted Meringue {gluten-free} | Snixy Kitchen

The first time I made this hibiscus strawberry curd tart, I took the last little tart over to our neighbors to thank them for the various eggs, butter, and cups of sugar they’re constantly lending me. Ulterior motive: to resist eating two tarts in one day.

Only they didn’t answer their door.

So I ate that “extra” tart as soon as I walked back in my house. I wasn’t even hungry. I reasoned that I was saving it from an ant attack if I left it on their porch. I could have put it in the fridge and tried again later, but I just couldn’t take it staring at me any longer. This tart has the sweetest puppy dog eyes you just can’t turn down.

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