Kumquat mango smoothie



One day last winter, Lucas came home from work begging for kumquats. Remember when your super trendy classmate pulled a packet of gushers or a squeezit drink out of her lunch box in 4th grade and you begged your mom to pack you some of those delicious snacks? (And she probably wouldn’t because that’s about a week’s worth of sugar in one drink – go Mom!). Well, in the same fashion, one of Lucas’s super hip coworkers pulled out a bag of kumquats and shared a couple with him, and ever since, he’s been begging for some in his lunch. Alright, alright, he packs his own lunch now, but he regularly adds kumquats to the shopping list.

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Recipe Rewind: Shrimp tacos with spicy cabbage slaw



Recipe Rewind February 26, 2014: While eating our way through Nashville this weekend, we stopped by a little home goods shop in Franklin where I gawked over the cutest recipe card box ever. Then I came back down to earth and remembered that I don’t need (another) physical recipe card box – I have a food blog that’s super handy for storing all my favorite recipes! I keep forgetting that fact. There are many recipes posted on Snixy Kitchen that I regularly refer to (like these gluten-free brownieschili stuffed peppers, and crispy tofu with mushrooms), but mostly what happens when I’m figuring out what’s for dinner I simply forget I’ve got my own personal recipe box stored online. So on this mission to re-photograph my recipes from the beginning of Snixy Kitchen, we’re meal-planning from my archives. Flipping through my digital recipe box. And what a treat it is.

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Sunchoke soup with caramelized shallots and roasted enoki mushrooms



My husband will freely tell you that my obsession with bowls is getting out of hand. What used to be an enthusiasm for teeny tiny dishes now extends to bowls of all sizes. In my opinion, as long as each bowl has a specific place on the shelf and I can tell you where that place is, we’re in safe territory. A bowl collector, not a bowl hoarder. Just like different outfits dress you up for specific occasions, a bowl can change the mood of the dish it holds. When my mom let me raid her bowl cupboards a few weeks ago, I learned that I come from a long-line bowl collectors; my shelf now holds a stack of bowls I inherited from my late grandmother and great grandmother. Nestled among them are these beauties. When I saw this textured white bowl on The Gouda Life, I had to know where she got it, and promptly ran right out to Target to snatch up the last two on the shelf. While this bowl doesn’t have quite as rich a history, it’s the perfect outfit for this clean yet playful sunchoke soup topped with caramelized shallots and enoki mushrooms. 

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Pink heart meringues & a baking giveaway [closed]



Remember a few weeks ago when my mom and I pretended I was in elementary school preparing to give homemade edible Valentines to all of my classmates? (Wait, actually…that’s not a terrible idea. I’m giving a research presentation on V-day and I bet I could win them over with pink treats). Even though my hand was not steady enough to pipe itty-bitty heart sprinkles and we burned a batch of heart-shaped lollipops, these vanilla heart meringues turned out like sugary bites of love. Homemade love. They’re the perfect way to say “Happy Valentine’s Day”… or they would have been if it curiosity hadn’t gotten the best of the kitties.

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Flourless salted almond chocolate cookies & a milestone giveaway [closed]



Spoiler alert: Today’s post is brought to you by the letter C as in Chocolate and the number 1,000,000 as in how many total page views we hit last week!

When I first started this blog in January two years ago (TWO YEARS AGO?!), we were taking photos with our point and shoot camera on our coffee table at night with the overhead lights shining from every direction in multiple colors. Lucas would then spend WAYYYY too much time editing them in Photoshop to make the food look remotely edible. Most of the time it still didn’t! Yuck, what is this? Delicious, but you’d never know by looking at these pictures. I had a standard WordPress theme that really didn’t do anything I wanted it to. That feels like decades ago. About a month in, we discovered that food styling really was a thing, natural light was our best friend, and Adobe Lightroom was way easier. This realization started my love affair with leftovers. As you can see…we still had a ways to go.

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Our DIY Backyard BBQ Wedding – Part 2



We’re married! And no one fainted from heat! This post is the second half of our wedding tale –  our bride & groom portraits and the DIY reception. To see pictures and read about our first look, bridal party, and ceremony details (including our vows), find part 1 here. With that, here’s the second peak into our DIY backyard BBQ wedding. The story of how a craft-obsessed California girl married a design-savvy woodworking Texas boy. On the hottest day of the year.

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Our DIY Backyard BBQ Wedding – Part 1



You wanna come to our wedding without melting in the 110 degree heat? I thought so. Here’s your invitation. Even though we got married…oh, 7 months ago, I’m just now finally getting around to sharing our photos with you. It took us about 8 months to create our dream wedding from scratch and now, just as much time to cut our billion photos down to 101 that tell our story. With my brother and I out of the house, my parents have gone through various stages of “let’s sell the house and downsize,” and I’ve always emphatically replied, “not until I get married in the backyard!” This urging started even before Lucas and I met. They had to wait. As soon as Lucas proposed in my parents’ living room in front of both of our families, we started drawing to-scale diagrams of how we’d fill the backyard. With that, I bring you our DIY backyard BBQ wedding. The story of how a craft-obsessed California girl married a design-savvy woodworking Texas boy. On the hottest day of the year. 

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Smoked sausage sweet potato skillet “pasta”



Up until now, there’s been exactly one way we’ve eaten sausage for dinner: on sandwich rolls with cooked peppers and onions. A little mayo, some mustard. This old link gets me thinking I really need to re-visit some of my early recipes – that picture makes the sausage look…well…unflattering, to say the least. The point is, we have traditions in my family and sausage sandwiches are one of them. Maybe ‘tradition’ isn’t the right word; a tradition implies that there’s a reason or a sentiment behind why you’ve always done it that way, but the fact is, we do it that way because it’s quick, easy, and comforting. Calling it a tradition covers up the fact that, when it comes down to it, I didn’t have any better alternative dinner recipes for sausage. A darn shame.

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