Coconut Matcha Ice Cream with Black Sesame Brittle Chips


Creamy vegan coconut matcha ice cream studded with black sesame brittle chips. Earthy green undertones with sweet roasted nutty notes that crunch with every bite. So creamy no one will know it’s vegan!

Vegan Coconut Matcha Ice Cream with Black Sesame Brittle

If someone ever asks me to dream up my ideal ice cream, I’ve got my answer. It’s this. Coconut matcha ice cream with black sesame brittle chips. I’ll be over here eating this whole loaf pan of ice cream for my birthday on Saturday (after hugging all the cats at the cat cafe adoption center). Don’t worry, friends, I made a second batch for you all to share (also I’ve picked out cats for each of you to take home as party favors. Kidding…but am I?).

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Black Sesame Brittle


Ultra high gloss three-ingredient black sesame brittle. It’s crunchy and sweet with a deep roasted nutty flavor, and makes a great edible gift or sweet snack (like folded into coconut matcha ice cream, for example)!

Black Sesame Brittle

I’m taking a break from my regularly scheduled Matcha March programming for this black sesame brittle. If you’ve been following along this month, don’t worry (lol), we’re gonna crush up this brittle and fold it into coconut matcha ice cream later in the week. But first, this black sesame brittle is so downright addicting on its own that it deserves a moment.

While we agree on most flavors, Lucas loathes black sesame (I will never understand). But it isn’t his birthday this weekend, it’s mine. And I can think of no other dessert flavor combo I’d rather eat to celebrate than coconut, matcha, and black sesame. I also plan to make another batch of this brittle to cover in dark chocolate because WHY NOT?

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Gluten-Free Tempura Asparagus with Matcha Salt


Ultra-crispy gluten-free tempura asparagus spears fried up with a rice flour and egg batter, then sprinkled with togarashi and earthy matcha salt to give these spears lots of sweet, savory, and salty matcha umami.

Gluten-Free Tempura Asparagus with Matcha Salt

While you will likely find tempura something on most Japanese restaurant menus in the States, our experience when visiting Japan was much different. In Japan, we were told, many chefs train to become culinary masters of specific foods, with tempura being just one of them (among others: soba, tofu, ramen, tonkatsu, sushi, etc.). Even within each cuisine, there are limitless variations; The ramen show we attended had, I kid you not, at least 30 different styles ramen exhibited.

We spent our first night in japan eating just tempura and the meal was varied, flavorful, and so satisfying – I would be totally happy eating only tempura for the rest of my life, I thought (and then I again thought that about soba and tofu). While we only dined at the one tempura restaurant on our trip, I can only imagine the diversity in recipes, flavors, and techniques from chef to chef. I urge you to travel to Japan, if only for the tempura. But if gluten is your enemy, my gluten-free tempura asparagus with matcha salt is an attempt to capture that crunch, flavor, and preparation in a recipe without wheat.

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Coconut Matcha Rice Pudding with Date Adzuki Bean Paste {Vegan}


Earthy and sweet coconut matcha rice pudding – so creamy no one will believe it’s vegan! Topped with date-sweetened adzuki red bean paste for a savory-sweet dessert that’s vegetal and nutty with a hint of caramel. (It also makes a great naturally green St. Patrick’s Day treat!)

Coconut Matcha Rice Pudding with Date Adzuki Bean Paste {Vegan}

They raised the downtown Berkeley metered parking rate to $3.50/hour last week. Consequently, my friend Carla and I discovered last week that it’s actually cheaper to pay someone to deliver our milk tea boba than it is to meet at the tea house downtown. That’s insane right? This breaking news is a little dangerous for someone who works from home and generally always has a matcha latte boba craving.

February is gone, which means my annual foray into all things matcha has begun. With this vegan coconut matcha rice pudding with date adzuki bean paste, I’m kicking off Matcha March 2017.

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Mexican Chocolate Churro Rice Krispie Treats


Churro rice krispie treats sprinkled with a heavy dose of cinnamon and sugar, then drizzled with cayenne-spiced Mexican chocolate. Made with brown butter and brown rice crisps cereal, these treats are crispy, chewy, and downright addicting.

Mexican Chocolate Churro Rice Krispie Treats

Before I even dive into talking about these Mexican chocolate churro rice krispie treats, I need to get something off my chest. I’m a snickerdoodle snob. Alanna and I have spent the better part of the year playfully rolling our eyes at recipes labeled as “snickerdoodle  __(fill in the blank)__” when the only thing snickerdoodle about it is a little sprinkle of cinnamon and sugar. And with this recipe for churro rice krispie treats, I concede. I’m no better.

I realize I could just as easily call these snickerdoodle, cinnamon toast, or even cinnamon roll rice krispie treats – for they’re all of those things just as much as they are churro. That being said, I need something that called out the heavy dose of cinnamon + sugar sprinkled under the Mexican chocolate drizzle and churro fits. So snickerdoodle/churro purists out there, I see you. I hear you. And I’m churro-ing onward anyway. Shove a rice krispie treat in your face and we’ll be friends again soon. Promise.

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Baby Smash Cake: Spiced Banana Date Cake with Maple Cream Cheese Frosting + Zoella’s 1st Birthday


A gluten-free refined sugar-free banana date cake with maple cream cheese frosting that’s perfect for a baby’s first smash cake (with a naturally green dragon scale frosting option), but delicious enough for fancy dinner party! 

Baby Smash Cake: Banana Date Cake with Maple Cream Cheese Frosting (gluten-free & refined sugar-free)

Have you ever seen someone hug a cake before? This spiced banana date cake is a truly hug-worthy cake. I’ve been working on the recipe since my friend’s son turned one about 3½ years ago. This final version that I made as Zoella’s first smash cake experience for her first birthday party this weekend is exactly perfect and she agrees (green frosting optional).

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Puffed Quinoa Crumble with Macadamia and Candied Ginger


Maple sweetened puffed quinoa crumble studded with roasted macadamia nuts and candied ginger adds a spicy sweet tropical twist to your favorite tart & sweet yogurt bowl with blood orange supremes. Toss is over ice cream, pudding, or eat it by the handful as an addicting quick snack!

Puffed Quinoa Crumble with Macadamia and Candied Ginger Yogurt Topping

My tiny baby is turning one tomorrow, which I think officially expires the “I just had a baby” excuse from the arsenal of reasons why it took me a week to respond to your e-mail. While I still stink at e-mails, my goal of breakfast prep is alive and well. So when noosa reached out to try their new tart & sweet flavors, I wanted to create the perfect crunch to toss on top. I’ve been throwing homemade cardamom granola over yogurt bowls all January, but this puffed quinoa crumble filled with macadamia nuts and candied ginger is my latest yogurt topping anthem.

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Frosted Earl Grey Brownies with Rose Petals + Sweet & Simple Cookbook


Frosted earl grey brownies baked in a loaf pan and topped with rose petals for a romantic Valentine’s Day dessert for two! Adapted from the Best Ever Frosted Brownies from Sweet & Simple by Christina Lane, these brownies are exactly that with the perfect chewy balance between fudgy and cakey. 

Frosted Earl Grey Brownies with Rose Petals (Gluten-Free)

The base for these earl grey brownies comes from my friend Christina’s newest cookbook Sweet & Simple. When a brownie boasts as “Best Ever Frosted Brownies” you should probably pull out the cocoa powder and preheat the oven. No questions asked.

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Favorite Gluten-free Chocolate Cake with Hibiscus Frosting


The BEST gluten-free chocolate cake topped with naturally pink ombre hibiscus cream cheese frosting. Light and tender cake with a moist crumb and rich dark chocolate notes that balance with tart hibiscus cream cheese frosting.

The BEST Gluten-free Chocolate Cake with Ombre Hibiscus Cream Cheese Frosting

At this time last year, I was approximately 1 billion pounds heavier, awaiting the arrival of #cheesebabygirl. We’d just thrown one last “you probably won’t see us for a while” pre-baby dessert shindig (we were right). I spent an entire day baking for it and my feet were trying to quit my body. They were going on strike, swelling up like balloons, and throwing in the towel along with any hopes of homemade Valentine’s Day treats. With Zoella’s February 7th arrival and our unexpected week-long hospital stay, our Valentine’s Day dessert was a heart-shaped Whole Foods cheesecake shared over hospital trays with visiting friends and a snuggly soft baby that smelled like fresh laundry.

I’m making up for no homemade treats last year by getting a head start with this (naturally) ultra-pink ombre layer cake. I’ve waited months for the perfect occasion to share this chocolate cake – this is not any ol’ chocolate cake. The base is my absolute favorite chocolate cake EVER. I considered going as far as titling it “the best gluten-free chocolate cake in all the land,” but decided to tone down my intensity. But, in my not so humble opinion, it is just that.

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