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Gluten-free carrot cupcakes with honey cream cheese frosting



My college boyfriend thought I was a terrible cook. I was offended, and the fact that he explicitly told me so was a pretty clear sign there were better fish in the sea. To his credit though, he was probably right. One of my $1.50 gourmet dinner specialties in college was 35-cent top ramen noodles – replace the seasoning packet with mushrooms, chicken, and snap peas sautéed in soy sauce. I definitely never made anything as fancy as gluten-free carrot cupcakes with honey cream cheese frosting.


DIY Bacon gifts: bacon jam, bacon salt, and bacon candy



Back in January, my friend Tina kicked off the new year with a resolution about healthy eating. I kicked it off by infusing bacon into everything. And then waited 4 months to tell you about it – until it was safe to say that most New Year’s resolutions had been long forgotten and you’d be more than happy to sizzle up some bacon with me. For the record, Tina’s been begging for the bacon salt recipe since about 24 hours after she decided to eat healthy in the new year – the bacon lure has a strong grasp on that girl.

If you’ve got a bacon-lover in your life, this is DIY bacon gift box holds the trifecta for their hysteria. Bacon jam. Bacon salt. Bacon candy. All jarred with little DIY labels that you can print below. A just-because “I love you” gift or perhaps a mother’s day gift for your bacon-loving mama? How about a bacon-themed Easter basket? Or maybe you’re throwing a fancy dinner party and want to spread some bacon jam on toast (because toast is the new food craze). Whatever the reason, this post is for all you bacon fiends out there.


Strawberry fairy cakes with blueberry cream cheese frosting



There was a period of time in my life when I carried around a trunk full of hula hoops, balloon animals, and rainbow parachutes. You need to tie something down? Let me pull out my tug-of-war rope. And just in case you’re ever in a pinch, a parachute will also work to strap something to the roof of your car. When I’d open my trunk in public, passersby would always question the 10+ stack of hula hoops that came tumbling out. I like carrying around a suitcase full of fun as much as the next person, but these toys were all work related. While some people waited tables, my college job was as a children’s entertainer in the greater Los Angeles area. These strawberry fairy cakes with blueberry cream cheese frosting are a nod to my most enchanting job to date.


Blueberry Nutella cream pie



I had nightmares last night and I’m pretty sure it’s because I went to bed feeling super guilty about not baking a pie for pi day. A Ph.D. candidate in math education with a food blog and I had made no concrete plans for pie on 3/14. In fact, in the past 7 years I’ve been in math education, I’ve never baked a pie on pi day. The guilt runs deep. Deep enough to cause nightmares that compel a me to scramble together this last-minute almost-no-bake blueberry Nutella cream pie.


Kumquat mango smoothie



One day last winter, Lucas came home from work begging for kumquats. Remember when your super trendy classmate pulled a packet of gushers or a squeezit drink out of her lunch box in 4th grade and you begged your mom to pack you some of those delicious snacks? (And she probably wouldn’t because that’s about a week’s worth of sugar in one drink – go Mom!). Well, in the same fashion, one of Lucas’s super hip coworkers pulled out a bag of kumquats and shared a couple with him, and ever since, he’s been begging for some in his lunch. Alright, alright, he packs his own lunch now, but he regularly adds kumquats to the shopping list.


Pink heart meringues & a baking giveaway [closed]



Remember a few weeks ago when my mom and I pretended I was in elementary school preparing to give homemade edible Valentines to all of my classmates? (Wait, actually…that’s not a terrible idea. I’m giving a research presentation on V-day and I bet I could win them over with pink treats). Even though my hand was not steady enough to pipe itty-bitty heart sprinkles and we burned a batch of heart-shaped lollipops, these vanilla heart meringues turned out like sugary bites of love. Homemade love. They’re the perfect way to say “Happy Valentine’s Day”… or they would have been if it curiosity hadn’t gotten the best of the kitties.


Flourless salted almond chocolate cookies & a milestone giveaway [closed]



Spoiler alert: Today’s post is brought to you by the letter C as in Chocolate and the number 1,000,000 as in how many total page views we hit last week!

When I first started this blog in January two years ago (TWO YEARS AGO?!), we were taking photos with our point and shoot camera on our coffee table at night with the overhead lights shining from every direction in multiple colors. Lucas would then spend WAYYYY too much time editing them in Photoshop to make the food look remotely edible. Most of the time it still didn’t! Yuck, what is this? Delicious, but you’d never know by looking at these pictures. I had a standard WordPress theme that really didn’t do anything I wanted it to. That feels like decades ago. About a month in, we discovered that food styling really was a thing, natural light was our best friend, and Adobe Lightroom was way easier. This realization started my love affair with leftovers. As you can see…we still had a ways to go.


Homemade pink velvet sprinkles



Let’s go pink for Valentine’s Day, ok? As a kid, I remember making homemade Valentines with my mom. This year, we BAKED homemade Valentines together. Last weekend my mama came for a visit and we spent nearly 24 hours in our aprons baking pink desserts. 24 hours might be an exaggeration, but between burning a batch of lollipops and a few dozen cookies, and heading to the store at 10pm to pick up an oven thermometer, things took a bit longer than expected. Our first pink v-day treat? Homemade pink velvet sprinkles! The flavor of red velvet with a pink hue. If you’re looking for the perfect easy-to-make homemade Valentine to give someone special, wrap up a handful of these pink dots with ribbon and a note. You’re the sprinkles on my ice cream.